New Eyeglasses

So I picked up my new glasses this weekend and have been dizzy for the pass few days, though I am starting to get use to it. It’s like a see the world in 3D now where things just sorta jump out at me. It could also be the fact now both eyes have the same clarity and I actually see in better stereo now.

Anyway, here’s what they look like:

geoffrey beene bacchus gunmetal 140geoffrey beene bacchus gunmetal 140

Speaking of which, my eye problem seems to have gone away. The tired eyes that is. It could be the fact that I used “Refresh Tears” for a week or so, but I really think it’s because I stopped playing Kameo.

Random Crap:

Today’s Japanese term is 熱い (atsui) and 寒い (samui) which mean hot and cold respectively. Don’t like the extremes? Then you can use 安宅ぃ (atakai) – warm. Interestingly enough, there’s a another homonyms for 熱い (atsui) which also means hot: 暑い – hot; warm; The former (熱い) refers to hot to touch. The latter 暑い refers to hot/warm weather. As for 寒い (samui), that also refers to weather. If you want to say something is cold (like an ice cube), you’ll use 冷や (hiya).

Zamzar (from RayAlome) – It’s a free online file conversion (i.e. one image format to another, or one video format to another). There’s an 100MB upload cap at which point they’ll convert it. After the conversion is complete, it’ll email you a link to download the conversion. I personally haven’t tried it, but it sounds like a neat service, though for video and image conversions, I generally prefer to do it myself as I can control the quality and with free tools like IrfanView and VirtualDub, this becomes rather easy. You can see their entire list of supported file types here.

NBC has just aired the last episode of Heroes for the time being. It was a good final episode, but as the preview indicated, it’ll be opening a bunch of new cliffhangers. They decided to take a break mid-season and resume in mid-January. Unfortunately, they’ll be competing with 24 at that time, but I guess I can watch both. NBC has decided to post all 11 episodes of the series up to watch online, so if you missed one and don’t mind watching some ads, go for it.

Mad TV – Crista’s Black Friday (from Digg) – Keegan-Michael Key opens the show, then a wounded Crista Flanagan stumbles on stage with blood splattered all over her body. Watch to find out what happens. From Season 12, Episode 7. BTW, video looks more sharp with the smaller window because that’s the original size.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver for Windows Review (from Digg) – Rock your wireless 360 pads on the PC. The newest piece of the ‘Games For Windows’ puzzle. I received a Xbox 360 newsletter recently with a whole bunch of new wireless gadgets like the driving wheel and the headset. I didn’t pay much attention to it until I read this review today. They made a Xbox 360™ Wireless Gaming Receiver for Windows® that allows you to use your Xbox 360 controllers on your PC!!! How cool is that!

Halo 3 Sixty-Second Trailer (from Digg) – Last week we announced that Microsoft and Bungie were set to debut the latest trailer for Halo 3 during ESPN’s Monday Night Football on December 4th and tonight we managed to capture the commercial as it aired shortly after the broadcast started. As always, commercials are very pretty. Though it did get me wondering if they introduced the new can-o-shield or not. That’d be neat!

CanvasPaint (from Digg) – A near pixel-perfect copy of Microsoft Paint in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, using the <canvas> tag as specified by WHATWG and supported by Safari 1.3, Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9. This web app is not authorized by, supported by or in any way affiliated with Microsoft. Interesting idea. First word processors and spreadsheets, now paint!

Revolution – A Response To Dove Evolution (Digg) – Our take on the Dove Evolution commercial that has been circulating on the internet. Quite a funny parody of the Dove Campaign for Beauty.

Bus shelters get cookie scentHoping to stir up thirst for milk, officials installed advertisements in several San Francisco bus shelters on Monday that give off the scent of freshly baked cookies. … The effort at five bus shelters is part of a campaign cooked up by the California Milk Processor Board, whose iconic “Got Milk?” campaign has adorned famous figures from around the world with milk moustaches for 13 years. Clever!

Zudeo (from Digg) – Another video competitor has entered the market. Zudeo works in conjuction with Azureus, the bittorrent client. The most interesting thing is that it shares HD content. Ever thought the quality of YouTube videos or even Google videos were quite pixelated and subpar, well Zudeo has the answer. And to conserve on bandwidth bills, it plans of using bittorrent to share these HD videos, which is rather ingenious. Unfortunately, you have to use their client, and I’ve decided against Azureus after it started using up hundreds of megs of RAM.

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