What Buy.com should do with Google Checkout

Seeing at how many deals this past month has to do with Buy.com and Google Checkout, you’d think Buy.com would take advantage of this. I personally have accumulated over $140 in rebates in MMAR (make money after rebate) deals by combining it with Google Checkout. Plus the fact that I sold a couple items (making additional money) already.

Google Checkout is giving $10 off $30 and $20 off $50 for most purchases up until I forget when, but well into this holiday shopping season.

I was thinking… if Buy.com was smart, they’d increase every $10 item to $30 with a $20 rebate and every $20 item to $50 with a $30 rebate. Make it some really easy rebate too, one that’s pretty much guaranteed. Right after you place your order, you go and submit your rebate which would give you the option of mailing it to a different address or even including the rebate within your order. That way, you get the item for FREE (after rebate) and Buy.com makes the amount they were suppose to make. Only Google is out the $10 or $20 they discounted from the price to promote Google Checkout.

I thought it was a neat idea… though I doubt Buy.com would ever followed through with it.

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