$3 Swiss Army Knife

Don’t know if this deal will still be alive when you see this, but the Amazon Customers Vote program is selling the Swiss Army Ranger Pocket Knife (Red) for just $3! That includes shipping too!

swiss army ranger pocket knife (red)

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Anyway, it looked like the web guys had a field day with this. To verify you’re not a robot, they made you do a little test.
Type this word backwards: radar
Mine was spelling a word backward: radar

At first, I thought it was just a pick of a draw I got a palindrome, but it turns out everyone did too. One of my friends got kayak and another got reviver.

Other people got multiple choice which involved: Pick the right one:

  • Choose me
  • Wrong way
  • Not even
  • Wrong way

Belldandy got a math question: 16+8.

As you can see, I sort of spammed it to everyone online at 12am. Doesn’t really make it up for those who tried to get the Xbox 360 for $100 though. They’ve gotten smart though. If I recall correctly, Amazon.com was down for like 15 minutes during that promotion, but all the Xbox 360s were gone within the 1st 12 seconds as people tried to keep hammering their servers. Maybe I just pulled those numbers out of my *cough*, but you get the jist. Since that they, they sort of have had a raffle system, where if you voted, you can come back on day X and check to see if you were one of the randomly selected few to get the winning item at the promo price. After a day or so and there’s still left overs, they then sell the remainder away to first come first serve. A better system I suppose, though I haven’t won anything yet.

Anyway, I’ll end this post with the opening scene of Kanon:

kanon - opening
Kanon – Opening (large: 856×480)

kanon - opening
Kanon – Opening (small: 428×240)

Everytime I watch Kanon, I always watch the opening sequence because theres this scene where Mai wears bunny ears and Yuuichi chases her across the field which is SO CUTE! The scene is about 40 seconds into the trailer. At first I thought that was Naiyuki because of the bluish hair color, but it’s really Mai who has purplish hair color. The song is pretty nice too!

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