Happy Birthday Xyon

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday to Xyon. Coincidentally, I just received my free birthday meal postcard at The Keg. Yummmm….

Random Crap:

Not going to be a traditional random crap post as I have way to much queued up for tonight. I finally got around to uploading my Monterey Bay Aquarium pictures. This is my 2nd visit and I quote what Cari told me another kid said, “I see the white shark, but where’s the great white shark?” I guess I was a little disappointed at the size of the shark, but it was still rather neat. I didn’t get to see the giant sea turtle though. You can see all the pictures in the Monterey Bay Aquarium – Visit 2 gallery album. Here’s a select few I thought were cool:

outer bay fish tankjellyfishjellyfishdave and carol staring at somethingfloating fish appears deadsting rayleopard sharkotter

I also took a picture and video of the waterfall thingy:

About 20 seconds into the video, Cari seems to very afraid of the little kid that comes close to here.

Also, I promised you pictures of the cool present my sister got me. I forget what it was called exactly. 3D Art? 3D Jigsaw? 3D Puzzle? Anyway, it’s like a 3D jigsaw puzzle where you piece together well pieces to make a cool model. Mine was a dragon, but she had a fish and a plane also. The fish she was making was neat. Too bad I had to build it myself, though it was time well spent. I was somewhat bored at home anyway. Some pieces were loose and required glue to hold together. Most were pretty tight fitting:

3d jigsaw dragon3d jigsaw dragon3d jigsaw dragon

I guess if I ever find time, I’ll paint it. Find time… haha. Anyway, it looks like I’ll be getting a new digicam soon. The one I have (Canon PowerShot S400) is giving me “memory card error” and sometimes showing the E50 error code. According to Smart Computing: This message will appear on the LCD (liquid-crystal display) of a Canon digital camera when there is an error formatting the memory card. The E50 error may appear as a result of camera failure, card failure, environmental problems, or misuse. It’s not my memory card as it works fine in any USB adapter. The original card is already dead, which I think the digicam is the culprit. Both are 1GB Compact Flash cards. I finally ended up pounding on the digicam with my fist and suddenly it starts reading my card again. I don’t know which one I’m going to get, but most likely back in the Canon family as they’ve treated me well. Probably and PowerShot SD600 or SD700. Depends what deals pop up I guess.

I’ll end this post with a comic strip that Cari showed me: (from s2kshift9k)
orange cheating with banana

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  1. I had several puzzles like that dragon when I was a kid; they were dinosaur models though. I think I had a T-Rex, a Triceratops, and a Stegosaurus. They were fun, but usually pretty simple.

    I think there’s a kiosk in Alderwood Mall that sells them. Or maybe a shop in RTC. Tekman insists that they are not puzzles.

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