Little People

These cute photos were emailed to me by ChewyDenise. I don’t know the real origin, but I think it has to do with some pastry store or something that creates desserts, sweets, and other yummy stuff.

little people playing soccer on top of a carton of eggs as a fieldlittle people sun bathing on top of mashed potato and gravylittle people playing in snow made of whipped cream. a father drags a kid along in his sleighlittle people painting mushrooms red with white polka dotslittle people trying to push sugar into cup of coffee and creates a mess for janitor to clean uplittle people as construction workers attempting to pick seeds out of watermelonlittle people wearing hazmat suits trying to find radioactive material on top of a creme bruleelittle people walking along the beach made of ice creamlittle people mowing the hair off kiwislittle people cleaning up mess after a big chunk breaks off of pastrylittle people climbing up pastry with powdered sugarlittle people as construction workers investigate crack in donutlittle people working in a chocolate minelittle people biking around a round pastry

Random Crap:

Get a Mac – Security (from Digg) – I can’t help but laugh, because it’s so…

7 Deadly Sins and Their Combinations (from Digg) – someone came up with a diagram of what if you mixed 2 sins together, what do you get. A pretty funny set of examples, like with Lust and Gluttony, you get edible underwear. With Gluttony and Pride, you get fat men in Speedos.

The Best Place To Hide Money: Conversation With A Burglar (from Digg) –

I had quite the interesting conversation this weekend with a person who happened to be a former burglar. It was great timing because I was wondering if something like the skid mark underwear for hiding money would really work. I also figured that if you wanted to know the best place to hide your money from a burglar, a former burglar was the person to ask.

Your best strategy, then, is to actually leave some money in obvious places for the burglar to quickly find (the same applies if you keep all your money in the bank). This can not only save your other stash of money, but may actually keep the burglar from destroying your place as he looks for where you have hidden your money. If they believe they may have found the cash that you have in the house, they are much less likely to keep looking (remember, they want to get out asap). In the end, if you hide all your money well, you may win a moral victory in not letting the burglar find the money, but you’ll likely have much more damage done to your place that will end up costing you more in the long run.

So the question of where is the best places to hide money still hadn’t been answered?

His number one recommendation for money was in toys in a young child’s room. As he explained, young children don’t have money, they have an abundance of toys and most parents don’t trust a child around money. Therefore, parents will rarely hide money there. In addition, when money is hidden, it is usually hidden away neatly and securely — a child’s room is rarely a neat place making it an unlikely place for money to be hidden. Plus with all the stuff in a child’s room, it is not someplace that a burglar can search quickly and get out (rule #2).

The Folding Chair (from Angelus) – a pretty neat project where this chair is like an accordion or slinky and you and bend and twist this chair into a couch of many different shapes and forms. I wished they would have showed more people sitting on it in its extended form to see the strength of it. There were a few people who sat and there was a guy who tried pushing it down to see if it’ll bend. I was surprised it actually held up. I’m not sure where this is, but they were speaking traditional mandarin (not a local dialect), so I can only imagine it being a major city in China or maybe Taiwan.

Gambler gives birth on N.J. casino floorA woman playing the penny slots Saturday morning left the Resorts Atlantic City casino with her own little jackpot — a new baby boy. Eight-months pregnant Nyree Thompson, 32, went into labor on the casino floor about 9:30 a.m. I can’t stop and wonder if the casino environment is really a good place for a pregnant woman to be. I’m hoping she at least was in the non-smoking area.

Mexican seeks world chili-eating recordFor most people, even the smallest bite of a raw chili pepper means a flushed face and a rush for a gulp of water. But Manuel Quiroz can guzzle down dozens of Mexico’s spiciest chilies, rub them on his skin and even squeeze their juice into his eyes without so much as blinking.

Oklahoma school auctions tuition on eBayThe university on Saturday kicked off an eBay auction of a year of tuition, room and board at the private college. The bidding had reached $4,425 by 11 p.m. Bidders can buy the tuition for themselves or someone else. Among the bidders will be current students at the school, which has an enrollment of about 1,030 students. Is there really a point to this? I mean if I was a current student there and already will be paying for room and board, why wouldn’t I just bid my tuition minus a little?

Cool art that will mess with your head (from Digg) – a nice set of optical illusions.

Laurie McGuinness – Mac PC Spoofs (from Digg) – nice parodies for the Get a Mac ads.

I don’t usually care much about Mac and Vista comparisons, but this guy compares the Lenovo Thinkpad (formerly IBM) vs the MacBook Pro:

If the MacBook Pro is a 911 Carrera, then the ThinkPad is a BMW 7 Series that any executive would want to be seen in.

Honestly, to me, there is no comparison. I also didn’t think it was fair to compare the 15″ MacBook Pro against the X60 which is a 12″ laptop known for super portability and reliability, which the 15″ MacBook Pro or even the 12″ MacBook Pro is not known for. You can tell I’m a bit biased for Thinkpads. (from Digg) – a place where a bunch of HD (high definition) clips are posted so you can test out your new HDTV.

A Wink and a Smile (from Digg) – Men and women often misunderstand each other’s flirtation signals. … “One of the surprising facts in this study was that women do not send clear rejection signals,” write the study’s authors, led by Karl Grammer, Ph.D. “A woman sends sexually explicit signals without having much interest in the man.” This behavior may encourage men to reveal more about themselves, the authors suggest, allowing women to verify their initial impressions. What’s more, women used subtle signals such as nodding to direct the flow of conversation, and they avoided contact with men only if the men talked too much initially.

Taiwan anthem played for China officials diplomatic gaffe marred Saturday’s inauguration of a China-financed stadium on this Caribbean island when a band performed the national anthem of Chinese rival Taiwan. Chinese Ambassador Qian Hongshan and scores of blue-uniformed Chinese laborers who built the $40 million Queen’s Park stadium as a gift were visibly uncomfortable as Taiwan’s anthem echoed inside the 20,000-seat venue. Haha! I can’t help but laugh given China and Taiwan’s history.

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