So to make room for my new HDTV, I’m trying to get rid of my old television that I brought from home. Personally I wouldn’t have taken it, but my dad forced me to take a TV so I chose the worse one. I knew if I was going to get a TV, I wouldn’t have any of the ones from home anyway. He also forced me to take a bunch of other furniture and stuff, many which I didn’t really care for and hardly ever use, but he said I should take advantage of the moving company since it was already paid for. If I knew about the $5,000 compensation instead of them paying for my move, I would’ve taken it, but alas, that can’t be changed anymore.

Anyway, who really wants an old TV, that’s already beginning to have problems and really one input (antenna/cable tv). I don’t even know the dimensions, but measuring it came out to 28″. I decided to post it on Craigslist on Saturday night and listed under the free section. Initially I listed it under electronics, but found out there was a FREE section and thought that would be a better place to put it. There were quite some interesting stuff listed there. My listing goes:

This is a really ancient TV I’ve had for a long time. The TV is a Emerson Color TV (Model #TS2581RD). I do not know the exact dimensions, but the diagonal measures to 28″ with my tape measure.

There is only 1 input: Cable TV/Antenna. It works fine with Comcast Cable TV.

Remote control is included.

Once in awhile, the image disappears leaving only a bright white line. In this case, a few taps on the TV will the get the image back.

You’ll have to come pick this item yourself. I live in the Lakemont area in Bellevue, WA.

Please email me if you’re interested or if you have questions.

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Within a few hours, I got a email saying she was interested in picking it up. Over the next few days, I’ve gotten 2 more people asking if it was available. She’s scheduled to come by some afternoon to pick it up and then I won’t have any care about it anymore. The hardest part so far was carrying this 28″ down to my garage. I didn’t expect it to be this heavy, or maybe I’m just weak. Those flights of stairs weren’t easy. We had scheduled the pickup to be this afternoon around 1:30pm, but seeing that she didn’t appear by 2, I decided to leave the TV outside my garage wrapped in a garbage bag (in case it rained) and a post-it saying: FOR <NAME>. I shot her an email saying I wasn’t able to wait any longer and she could come by and picked the TV up herself. I got a reply later today with her apologizing for being late and said she was new to the Seattle area. Got home today and the TV’s no longer there. YAY!

I also got word that my Vizio GV47LF – 47″ LCD HDTV 1080p is back in stock. Well, I actually had to call them. They had claimed that they would be calling those who had rain checks, but I never received the call. They told me that these were “hidden” in the back and I would to go to one of the supervisors on the floor and request to purchase it. Whirlpool also called and scheduled an appointment to delivery my new dryer. I’ll probably be upgrading to the executive Costco membership to get that extra % back and with this purchases I’ll be making, it’s going to be worth it. Plus according to people, if you don’t make the difference in the cash back amount, they’ll refund you that amount making it basically a free upgrade.

Interestingly enough, Advanta left me a voicemail today asking me to call them back in regards to some recent purchases that I may or may not have made. I’ve been purchasing parts here and there and I’ve made 3 separate purchases from Newegg already as I found something I wanted and since there was free shipping, there was no point in trying to accumulate items to save on shipping. They went through my list of recent purchases (Costco, Newegg, Frys, and a couple others that slip my mind right now) and I said yah, those were all mine. They apologized for the inconvenience, but I told them I was happy that they were keeping an eye on suspicious activity because this wasn’t my normal purchasing behavior (or at least I hope not).

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