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Pictures From the Sky (from Digg) – Very pretty pictures. They appear to have been taken from YANN ARTHUS-BERTRAND.ORG.

Bar Code Clock (from Digg)

Massive Pound-And-A-Half Rats Infest KFC/Taco Bell In The West VillageThey are big. A pound or a pound and a half. Rats! Plump, healthy-looking and oh-so-agile. CBS 2 cameras caught dozens of them early Friday morning through the window of this closed KFC-Taco Bell in the West Village. And now CBS 2 has learned that the Department of Health will keep the restaurant closed until it can reinspect it. The video shows these big rants running around KFC. This KFC was in fact operational, and was opened even last night. Yahoo! News has more information about it.

No need to diet AND exercise to lose weight?– A new study debunks the widely held belief that diet plus exercise is the most effective way to lose weight. Researchers report that dieting alone is just as effective as dieting plus exercise. … Thirty-five overweight but otherwise healthy adults — 16 men and 19 women — completed the 6-month study. Twelve were assigned to a diet-only group; they reduced their calorie intake by 25 percent. Twelve were assigned to diet plus exercise; they reduced their calorie intake by 12.5 percent and increased their exercise by 12.5 percent. The remaining 11 subjects made no significant diet or exercise changes. Redman and colleagues found that the diet-only group and the diet plus exercise group lost roughly the same amount of weight, albeit by different means. They lost about 10 percent of their body weight, 24 percent of their fat mass and 27 percent of their abdominal “visceral” fat — the deep internal fat linked to heart disease risk.

Meetings make us dumber, study shows (from Digg) – People have a harder time coming up with alternative solutions to a problem when they are part of a group, new research suggests. Scientists exposed study participants to one brand of soft drink then asked them to think of alternative brands. Alone, they came up with significantly more products than when they were grouped with two others. It’s not just “two heads aren’t better than one”, it’s “two heads are worse than one”.

Technical Support in Medieval Times (from MS newsgroup) – Shows what happened to scholars when scrolls were upgraded to books and the support they needed to use the new system. Hilarious skit.

PS3 Song (from MS newsgroup) – A rather funny parody song making fun of Sony and the PS3. The song is called “How To Kill A Brand” and this person just took the song and added a slideshow behind it. The song it’s parodying is The Fray – How To Save A Life.

**********GAMER CAST NETWORK**********

“How to Kill a Brand” by Doc Adams.


I added the photos and made it into this video but the song is all Doc Adams.

*Puts on Flame Suit*

I found the song at GamerCast Network: How To Kill A Brand
(to save as mp3 right click and save as)

I want to offer a thanks to Doc Adams for endorsing this video. He did a great job I only put it here for all you to see. enjoy 🙂

Official name of the song is “How to Kill a Brand” -By Doc Adams and he has graciously given me the green light to keep this on here.

-Thanks to everyone for the feedback. If I would have know it was going to get this much attention I would have spent more time on the editing. Hopefully next time the video will be as good as the song. Thanks again.



Step 1, You make your console cost the most,
You Beat your chest and proudly Boast,
Despite no good exclusive games
You make a bunch of ridiculous claims,

Then ignore our need to play online
Don’t make it fun like Xbox Live
Use Blue Ray, Which I don’t need
Now you’re getting your ass kicked by the Wii

Sony, you went wrong, with your PS3
I’ll just keep playing my 360
Hope this song has helped, you understand
Now you know, How You Killed Your Brand.

Phil Harrison yeah you know best
Except you didn’t Beta Test
Sure I can surf the net
But I can’t find my Gaming Friends

You Say Halo 3 Don’t worry you
Instead you offer Killzone 2
But Killzone 1 sucked before
So what made you think we wanted more?

Repeat Chorus..

Phil Quotes

Repeat Chorus

Phil Quote.

Photo Illusions (from Digg) – A photographer went around the world with objects and photos and realigned them to take the picture, showing you the original merging into the scenery of the current.

Smart Guys Date in Parallel (from Digg) – So a few days ago, I was on the phone, whining to my dad about throwing a Fifth Annual F—— Valentine’s Day party and trying to figure out my personal life. My dad listened thoughtfully, and then began explaining to me what I was doing wrong. The problem, he said, is that I date girls serially. His diagrams are hilarious! Tera then asks, “so… women are appliances?” I replied, “They’re resistors. Guys are batteries and we send the love current through them.”

Windows Vista (from Digg) – This set contains my work from the Microsoft Photoshoot I did late 2005 – early 2006. My mission was to create genuine images to be a part of the Windows Vista Wallpaper collection. Two shots from the Photoshoot (first two in the set) made it to Vista’s Wallpaper Collection, while many others remain here, and waiting to be uncovered. I couldn’t be honored enough for the privilege to work with Microsoft on this fantastic project. Special thanks go to Jenny Lam, and Luciana Misura from the MSX Design Team for this wonderful opportunity. Interview with me by Long Zheng about The Vista Photoshoot. You can download High Resolution (1920×1200) versions of most of these images on my website (www.hamaddarwish.com)

Aerial Photographs of Mexico City (from Awesome Pics of Mexico City) – This are a few of the pictures that I have taken while working as a Helicopter Pilot over Mexico City. The best and most recent Mexico City Stock Aerial Photography, I hope you find them interesting.

A few interesting test answers provided by kids today: (from Digg)

how to determine gender of a catadding imaginary objects in the system to get the desired resultwhy did the boss fire him?

New Zealand fishermen land massive squidNew Zealand fishermen may have caught the largest Colossal squid ever found — weighing around 450kg (992 pounds) and with rings the size of tyres.

largest collosal squid

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