Pumpkin Scissors

I just finished this series which was recommended to me by both Maxxius and Artemyst. This series was really good and funny. Had a slight resemblance to Full Metal Alchemist, but maybe because both are comedies and relating to the military.

Spoilers: (Show)

I can’t wait for Season 2.

Any way, episode 18 contained a bunch of hilarious scenes with Stekkins, the little Sergeant Major girl. There are 2 versions of each video (large: 640×480 and small: 320×240), displayed respectively in that order.

Welp, I learnt a new Japanese phrase today: 一人上手 (hitori jouzu) which translates to literally “alone skillful”. However, according to the captions, it’s slang for masturbation. Stekkins goes and calls Machs the one-man machine! In fact, he’s the best one-man machine in the Empire. However, everyone hears it as he’s the number one masturbator in the empire. Check out this clip (work safe):

pumpkin scissors - hitorijouzupumpkin scissors - hitorijouzu

Then I found Stekkin’s finishing move to be awesome! And to name it Pumpkin Scissors and chop the guys head. Haha!

pumpkin scissors - finishing movepumpkin scissors - finishing move

Finally, she has the Lunatic Dance, where she goes Pa-Pa-Pa-Pumpkin, La-La-La-Pumpkin. There’s 2 versions of this song and one during the episode where she gets caught doing the dance and in fact, they used this song as the ending in this particular episode:

pumpkin scissors - lunatic dancepumpkin scissors - lunatic dance
pumpkin scissors - lunatic dancepumpkin scissors - lunatic dance

Random Crap

First I wanted to say Happy Birthday Stanman!!!

Then I just wanted to comment on how beautiful this past week was. The sun was out and everything was just gorgeous. With continuous rain for months, I think everyone’s happy that finally the sun is smiling.

Have you guys used the new Bank of America online login. There’s something about their new interface that really bothers me. After I enter my password and hit “Login”, it immediately displays this message underneath the password box:

Your request is being processed, Please wait…

Which always makes me think that I entered my password incorrectly. Maybe it’s just me.

According to Bloglines, my rss feed has 5 subscribers!

Today’s Japanese phrase is 匂い (nioi – odor; scent; smell; stench). It can refer to the general scent/smell, or if you use a different tone, you can refer to something that stinks/smells bad, like in English when we say, “It smells.” Another kanji for nioi is 臭い, which uses the kanji for stink/smells bad.

I worked from home today as I received a note that UPS needed my signature in person to deliver this package. Usually they just leave it at my front door or request that I sign on the back of the note and they’ll just drop it. But this one specifically had those 2 options crossed out and said I had to be here in person. I thought since it’s Friday, it’d also be nice to work from home. So when the doorbell finally rang, I went to open it. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen my UPS guy here. He goes, “Oh! You’re here.” He was already writing a 2nd note for me. At first I thought that was somewhat rude. Ring the doorbell and assume I’m not at home. I guess that’s usually the case, but this one required a signature in person, so you’d think he’d wait some time before actually writing the note. However, I forgave him when I saw how big and heavy the box was. I guess it would be rather stupid to have to carry this big box up the stairs and then back then if no one was home.

Site was down earlier today

Not to sure what the cause was, but my site was down earlier today for almost 9 hours. Email, FTP, and even SSH worked fine without any problems. Trying to connect via the browser just kept timing out.

Dreamhost didn’t really have any notice of what was going on, and a couple other people were also experiencing this.

According to InternetSeer:

Recovery Alert

Your Web Site is no longer on error

URL: http://www.krunk4ever.com
Time: Fri Mar 30 07:46:50 EDT 2007
Total Time on Error: 8 hours, 48 minutes, 37 seconds

It wasn’t too bad since a majority of those hours would be where people would’ve been sleeping. Besides me that is…

Oh well, at least it’s back up.

Another Roomba

So during the past week or the week before that, Costco had the Roomba Scheduler on sale for $210 (instant discount). I couldn’t resist and purchased a 2nd one. You know how lazy someone is when they won’t bother moving the Roomba between floors. Now I have a Roomba on my first floor and a Roomba on my second floor, scheduled to clean my condo twice a week. Haha.

At first I thought it may have problems returning home since there’s now 2 active base, but when I got home that day, both were able to find their way back to their own base without any problems. If returning home does become a problem later on, I think scheduling them to run on different days or different times would work.

Anyway, I had contacted Roomba customer support as the plastic piece on my dirt/trash bin was falling apart after only 8 months of usage. Plus I’m not a heavy user, just 2x a week, unlike people I’ve talked to who run it everyday. So I decided to contact Roomba customer support and see what I could do about it. It should still be under warranty, and if not, I can always return it to Costco for a new one.

Here’s our email exchange (each response was received within 24hrs):

My Roomba’s dirt/trash bin has this piece of plastic is ripping off. I’ve purchased this at Costco about 6 months ago and the unit’s been working great. I schedule it to run twice a week and it does a decent job besides the times it gets stuck inside my power cords and underneath my desk.

Anyway, I’ve attached pictures of what is ripping from the dirt/trash bin and was wondering how to get that replace. I believe my item is still under warranty.

Thank you.

roomba scheduler - plastic ripping off dirt/trash binroomba scheduler - plastic ripping off dirt/trash bin

Toland H.

Dear Toland,

Thank you for writing. We apologize for the inconvenience. We would be happy to send you a new dust bin and filter frame free of charge. We need you to please respond with the following information so that we can process the order:

– Your Roomba’s serial number. The serial number is on a white sticker in the battery well which is visible when the battery is removed. To remove the battery press inward on the release tabs at each end of the battery simultaneously and then lift the battery straight out.
– The original date and location that the Roomba was purchased

Where can I find the product code for my robot?

Thank you,
Heather A
iRobot Customer Support


Here’s the information you requested:
Date of Purchase: 7/25/2006 at Costco (Issaquah, WA – store #110)

I can scan my receipt and take a photo of the serial number if needed.


Toland H.

Dear Toland,

Thank you for contacting iRobot Customer Support.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately, the dust bin is currently on a backorder. As soon as we receive them into the warehouse, your order will be shipped to you. At that time you will receive an email confirmation with the UPS tracking number.

We have sent a filter frame to you. You can expect it to arrive within 7-10 business days via USPS first class mail.

Check out our improved iRobot Customer Support Site…

For online access to your support issues, please click on our registration link: >>My Support Profile,
which can be found in the upper right section on www.irobot.com/support.

To submit an inquiry click on the Email Us icon on the right panel of this support page.


iRobot Customer Support

Pretty cool…


I had updated my blog email (was starting to get spam) and didn’t realized that the admin email was still pointing to the old one. All emails being sent to my previous blog email were automatically deleted. Therefore, when comments came in asking for approval, I never got them. I just realized today with a queue of 12 comments that I needed to approve, delete, or mark as spam.

If you had submitted a comment earlier that needed approval and it was “legit”, it should now show up.

Amazon.com Context Links

So I got an email from Amazon.com via the associates network a few days ago:

Dear Amazon Associate:

The Amazon Associates program is thrilled to announce the release of the Context Links Beta!

Context Links are a quick and convenient way to add links to your website and monetize your content. Context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, unlocking new ad inventory and saving you the time from having to manually create links. You can add the links to your pages in minutes, and we provide a wealth of options to customize how they are displayed.

You create the content. We’ll link it.

I decided to give it a try, but if you guys find it annoying, please let me know. Somewhat neat that it scans my page and automatically creates link in text that are already there. Most of them are pretty much on target, but then you get stuff like Kirkland Signature linking to KitchenAid Gourmet Essentials 10-Piece Hard Anodized Cookware Set, which doesn’t even have the phrase Kirkland Signature on the page.

The tool they provide is pretty configurable allowing you to include or exclude the following:

  • Logo
  • Product Image
  • List Price
  • Amazon Price
  • Customer Rating

and the ability to change to any colors you want. I haven’t played much with the color scheme yet and I’ve left everything at the default.

There is also a setting to “Match exact product names”, which might solve my Kirkland Signature problem, but I’m going to give it a few days to see how it turns out.

You can also set how many links they’re allowed to create per page. By default, the number is 10. I actually think it’s not that bad since the link looks normal and doesn’t blink nor have any animation to draw your eye to it. It does pop up a box with more information when you hover over it, which may get annoying. But we’ll see.

Close Call

I had a very close call this morning.

For people who don’t know me, I’m a frequent +5-10er, meaning I usually drive 5-10 miles faster than the “suggested” speed limit. Today, as I was exiting my complex, there was a car coming down the hill. I believed if I hit my accelerator immediately, I would’ve been able to beat him, but I contemplated too long and had to wait for him to pass before making the left turn ending up behind him. You might not think much about 1 car, but given that I drive on a 1 lane street about 80% of my drive to work, getting stuck behind a slow car is no fun.

Anyway, on the next intersection, we both made a right turn. The speed limit on this road was 30MPH. We were both going about 40MPH as the distance between us didn’t grow or decrease. However, at the top of the hill, I noticed he turned on his right blinker and was about to turn into the park. There was a guy there waving at him, so I thought maybe he was helping a friend with car problems.

Then I noticed the device he had in his hand and the police motorbike on the side of the road. That was a radar gun

I was like in shock. If I had tried to beat him when exiting my complex, it would’ve been me caught by that radar gun. Throughout my drive to work, the only thing in my mind was, “Should I purchase a radar detector?” I’ve actually contemplated on a radar detector for some time, but never really decided I needed one. This is actually my 1st close encounter to getting a speeding ticket. Haha, I was also contemplating on which lawyer I would hire to fight my ticket, as Jeannie Mucklestone (a very popular choice in MS newsgroups) popped into my head.

I could only say I was lucky this time around.