First AdBrite Check

I got my 1st payment from AdBrite to the sum of $15 and change. They’re on a net-60 basis, which I found out meant even if I get $1 on a particular day, it won’t fully qualify to be withdrawn until 60 days later. Anyway, I’m averaging $14 and change for a 30 day period right now and it’s slowly been going up. I was only averaging $12 for a 30 day period just a few weeks ago. Since my hosting costs only $7.95/mo, I’m doing rather well.

I started hosting AdBrite ads about mid November, and given the 60 day wait before I can cash out, I think I’m doing rather well. While I’m not sure how well I would’ve done with Google Ads, I would never have expected to see a check in just a few months. With the minimum of $100 before you can cash out at Google, it’s quite a lot for a small site like mine to accumulate to. At the pace with Google Ads, I was expecting at least 8-9 months before I would see my 1st check.

With AdBrite, I’m not sure what the minimum amount you could specify is, but I currently have it set to mailing me a check whenever I hit over $10 at the end of the month.

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