Protecting Keychain Membership Cards

I personally have a bunch of keychain membership cards (which I’m referring to all those club cards, reward cards, etc). Usually with such cards, you get a regular size card (same size as credit card) and 2 smaller ones which fit on on your keychain. Since my wallet is packed with other cards which are more important (credit cards, atm cards, driver license, medical cards, etc), my wallet became extremely packed. Safeway for some reason doesn’t distribute a keychain size card, so for some time, I was carrying the big Safeway club card around for some time. Now, I just enter my phone number so I don’t have to carry that big card around.

Anyway, last night when I was purchasing some game at, I wanted to enter my BestBuy Reward Zone number, but here’s what I saw:
best buy reward zone keychain card - frontbest buy reward zone keychain card - back

A couple of my other cards have also began to fade away. Maybe that’s why the give you 2 keychain cards because they know that it’ll eventually rub away due to the constant friction against your keys and clothing.

Anyway, I decided to “laminate” my keychain cards, which I’m not sure why they didn’t do it in the first place. By “laminate”, I mean to just use tape and cover the barcode area. I use clear packaging tape which is typically stronger than regular scotch tape, but even regular scotch tape or “invisible” tape should work fine. Afterwards just take a scissor and cut off the protruding tape. I found it easier to just push the scissor than to actually cut. The sharp edges just made it slice the tape rather easy.

I had another interesting digital camera experience taking the above pictures. After my first shot, my Canon PowerShot S400 camera reported a “memory card error”. I turned off, gave it a few smacks and turned it on again and took the next few pictures without any problems. After sticking my CF card into USB reader, I noticed a couple pictures that was previously taken was now corrupted. Oh well. I was actually going to jump on that Dell deal where the Canon PowerShot SD600 was for $150, but I waited too long. I wanted to go home and use my $40 VISA gift card (since Dell can take 2 credit cards as payment), but I guess I snooze I lose.

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