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Did you know that M&M’s now come in dark chocolate!?!?! Our group admin had a jar of plain M&M’s in front of his office and I grabbed a handful, and the moment I popped a few in my mouth, I was like, “these M&M’s are especially delicious. I looked at the M&M’s themselves and they now say m Dark.

I think I just found my new love: M&M’s Dark

m&m's dark

Interestingly enough, Walgreens appears to have a deal on it this week (from SD).

2 bags for $3 (11oz to 14oz). The original price is 2 bags for $4.

m&ampm's candy bags

On top of that, if you purchase $10 (before coupons) worth of M&M’s (11oz to 14oz bags), you get a free Easter plush. See page 27 of the EasySaver Catalog PDF file (page 52 in the actual catalog).

m&m's easter plush

There’s a mention of an additional coupon from something called Valassis, which appears to be some sort of marketing company, but I have no idea what they’re referring to.

I had noticed a limit on the coupon, but someone claimed that Walgreens ignores the limit, while another says that that some Walgreens ignore while others are strict about it. Anyway, it looks like I need to purchase at least 5 bags of M&M’s before I qualify for the free Easter plush.

Random Crap:

I was watching a new Chinese TV series and they used a phrased that my dad frequently used when we were kids: 自覺 (zi4 jue2). I believe this is a Cantonese only phrase and doesn’t really have a meaning in Mandarin. It has never dawned upon me that these were the 2 characters that were used to make up this phrase. The overall meaning to the phrase is similar to self discipline. 自覺D啦 = Have more self discipline or be more obedient. The words by themselves translate to literally self feel, but I think it’s a shortening of 自己覺得 or 自己發覺 which means self opinion or self realization, which is still pushing it to be self discipline or self obedient. I guess when you can realize the truth about something, self discipline comes afterwards.

Did you know that WIKI was an acronym for What I Know Is? (from Acronym Finder)

My Costco only sold cup ramen of chicken flavor which I really dislike. Maybe it’s because I ate too much of it back at home, but then again I ate a bunch of shrimp flavored but I never seemed bored of that. Anyway, they didn’t sell the shrimp flavor here in Washington (at least the 2 Costco’s I’ve been to), so I stopped bothering to look for it whenever I went to Costco. Anyway, I happened to be in instant ramen section the other day and noticed they know have Kirkland Signature cup ramen! I wonder what Kirkland Signature doesn’t have. Anyway, there was only chicken flavor, but I decided to get it a try. I was shocked. I actually liked this new KS cup ramen. I’m not sure, but I think they actually have little chunks of chicken in it, but that may just be my imagination. They’re actually produced by Nissin (the same company that makes Top Ramen and 出前一丁). If you don’t know, 出前一丁 is my favorite ramen.

Scandal brews over China tea-for-urine samplesA group of Chinese reporters came up with a novel idea to test how greedy local hospitals were — pass off tea as urine samples and submit the drink for tests. The results: six out of 10 hospitals in Hangzhou, the capital of the rich coastal province of Zhejiang, visited by the reporters over a two-day period this month concluded that the patients’ urinal tracts were infected.

Boy puts urine in teacher’s coffee potAn eighth-grader faces expulsion after admitting he put urine in a teacher’s coffee pot, officials said. The Wilson Middle School teacher noticed that the coffee had an unusual odor Friday and reported it to the principal, Muncie Community Schools officials said. A student who overheard classmates discussing it also reported the incident to officials.

Teen ends up on ice chunk in Miss. RiverAmos Benjamin Cohen, 19, stood frozen with fear as the six foot by 15 foot ice chunk swirled in the water, floating toward shore then drifting back to the middle of the river, witnesses and rescuers said. “He stood there so still,” like the Statue of Liberty, said Sue Hillberg who spotted him from her mother’s kitchen window.

Lawsuit Says Education Dept. Overcharged on Student Loans (from Consumerist) – The Education Department penalizes consolidated loan borrowers who fail to make all of their annual payments by June 30 by adding penalties to the principal of their loans, on which they then have to pay extra interest. Pfeiffer discovered that she was being fined unfairly, her lawsuit says. She made her June payments on time and sometimes early. But the department was penalizing her for not making a separate payment for the days between her June payment and June 30, the suit says, even though her next wasn’t due until July 21. The penalties were then capitalized — or added to the principal of her loan. Interesting… Maybe I should start looking more closely at my loans.

Activist to zoo: Wrong to save baby polar bear (from Cari) – The baby polar bear is SO CUTE!!! Do check out the cute video.
baby polar bearbaby polar bear

Hundreds line up for sheep testiclesHundreds of people waited in lines for up to an hour for a chance to taste something different at the 16th annual Mountain Oyster Fry. Servers at five booths dispensed about 130 pounds of “fried oysters,” or sheep testicles, at the Saturday event in this historic mining town about 25 miles southeast of Reno.

Burglars steal 220-pound gold barA group of burglars stole a massive block of gold worth over $2 million from a Japanese museum in a heist that police said could have been prevented — if only the curators hadn’t left the showcases wide open. The Ohashi Collection Kan museum in Takayama, in central Japan, kept the 220-pound gold bullion unguarded by sensors or even by a case because it wanted visitors to be able to touch it, local police officer Shinji Kurake said Monday.

220lb gold bar

Windows Vista: more than just a pretty faceWindows Vista has had something of a troubled birth. Hyped features were pulled, and the project as a whole took far longer to complete than expected, partly due to standing still while MS dropped everything to work on Windows XP Service Pack 2, but in part also due to a decision to “reset” and scrap much of the new development. This has led some commentators to dub the project a “train wreck.” But is it? I found the review rather good as it actually tells you what is different in Vista instead of just the “new look”.

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