Free TaxCut and Other Deals

Some deals I wanted to share:

Download your FREE TaxCut Premium Software (from SD) – The tax cut off date is coming soon and hopefully you’ve started working on filing your taxes. Anyway, H&R Block has decided to give away a free download of TaxCut Premium in hopes that you’ll purchase their state software. For states with no state income tax (i.e. Washington), this basically means a free tax software for our return!

USPS & MasterCard Make Saving a Priority (from SD) – From March 1, 2007, to April 30, 2007, use your MasterCard® card to buy a 25-pack of USPS® Prepaid Priority Mail® Flat Rate Envelopes and you’ll receive a 5-pack of envelopes FREE—compliments of MasterCard®! A really good deal if you ship via USPS Priority Mail often. Plus the impending postal rates raising in April, this is one sweet deal!

Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) (from SD) for $13.99. Limit 3 per order. Free shipping if order is $24 or more, or you can always opt for in-store pick up and not pay any shipping and handling fee.

Random Crap:

Speeding teen wanted to catch school bus– A teenager clocked driving at 93 mph told a deputy he had to get home in time to catch the school bus, police said. Porter Superior Court Judge Julia Jent sentenced the teen to ride the bus to school after an earlier speeding conviction, Porter County Sheriff’s deputies said.

Hebron museum to preserve four-legged chickenA museum that displays animals with shocking physical abnormalities in a cave near the West Bank city of Hebron will be adding its newest exhibit this week: a four-legged chicken.
4 legged chicken

Serial lingerie thief arrestedPolice found more than 4,000 pieces of lingerie in the home of a Japanese construction worker who used climbing skills developed on his job to steal women’s underwear.

Delutube (from Ars Technica) – Delutube offers users a way to view deleted YouTube videos

Passover Produces a Real Coke Classic (from Consumerist) – Kosher-for-Passover Coke is made with sugar — not corn syrup — just like in the old days. And that’s why many true Coca-Cola fans stock up during the Jewish holiday. NPR’s Linda Wertheimer talks about the difference in taste with Ralph Roberts, co-author of Classic Cooking with Coca-Cola. I actually want to find this coke. I’ve missed coke made with pure sugar cane sugar that I’ve had outside of the USA.

German brothel offers pensioners 50 percent offA brothel in Germany hopes to capitalise on the growing number of pensioners by offering them a 50 percent discount for sex in the afternoon. Guess it’s time to retire and go to Germany ;p

Ubuntu is sexy alright (from Digg) – Could the new Ubuntu Splash get any more phallic?

Sphere (from Digg) – another one of those escape from this room games where you randomly click on things hoping to uncover some hidden stuff. Unfortunately the tab trick doesn’t work. Solutions are posted somewhere if you know how to search.

Russian Man Grows Penis on Arm (from Digg) – Russian doctors have conducted an 11-hour operation to replace a patient’s deformed penis with one grown on his forearm, the Moskovskiy Komsomolets daily reports. … The doctors had the penis removed and attached to the man’s arm. Using his body tissue it grew to six-and-a-half inches and was sewn back on to his groin. Silicone tubes were inserted into the organ to ensure an erection was possible. Doctors also created a scrotum from the patient’s own skin and placed silicone testicles in it.

Prosecutor: Unicorn defense was a mixupOn Tuesday, a Billings prosecutor had told a district judge that Phillip C. Holliday Jr., 42, claimed a unicorn was driving when his truck crashed into a light pole earlier this month.

Girlfriend dumped live on radio (from Digg) – From Galaxy Radio show – dj calls cheating girlfriend, tricks her into thinking her boyfriend is going to ask her to marry him then reveals she is actually being dumped.

Ivy – Sonata of Temptation (from Stanman) – Korean Pop singer ‘IVY”s 2nd album title song. it samples Beethoven(For Elise), and Music Video parodys FF7-advance children(JAPAN GAME) A Korean music video with real live actors acting out the fight sequence in the church from Final Fantasy VII – Advent Children between Tifa and that strong arm guy.

Maburaho @ MS PaintIt`s my third MS Paint drawing. I`ve spent about 2 hours and a half in it. It`s pretty cool! Enjoy! Another really cool drawing using MS Paint. A quick search on YouTube for ‘mspaint‘ reveals a bunch of other interesting videos of people using MS Paint to draw.

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