Random Crap

First I wanted to say Happy Birthday Stanman!!!

Then I just wanted to comment on how beautiful this past week was. The sun was out and everything was just gorgeous. With continuous rain for months, I think everyone’s happy that finally the sun is smiling.

Have you guys used the new Bank of America online login. There’s something about their new interface that really bothers me. After I enter my password and hit “Login”, it immediately displays this message underneath the password box:

Your request is being processed, Please wait…

Which always makes me think that I entered my password incorrectly. Maybe it’s just me.

According to Bloglines, my rss feed has 5 subscribers!

Today’s Japanese phrase is 匂い (nioi – odor; scent; smell; stench). It can refer to the general scent/smell, or if you use a different tone, you can refer to something that stinks/smells bad, like in English when we say, “It smells.” Another kanji for nioi is 臭い, which uses the kanji for stink/smells bad.

I worked from home today as I received a note that UPS needed my signature in person to deliver this package. Usually they just leave it at my front door or request that I sign on the back of the note and they’ll just drop it. But this one specifically had those 2 options crossed out and said I had to be here in person. I thought since it’s Friday, it’d also be nice to work from home. So when the doorbell finally rang, I went to open it. I believe this is the first time I’ve seen my UPS guy here. He goes, “Oh! You’re here.” He was already writing a 2nd note for me. At first I thought that was somewhat rude. Ring the doorbell and assume I’m not at home. I guess that’s usually the case, but this one required a signature in person, so you’d think he’d wait some time before actually writing the note. However, I forgave him when I saw how big and heavy the box was. I guess it would be rather stupid to have to carry this big box up the stairs and then back then if no one was home.

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