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Funny or Die (from Ars) – Comedian Will Ferrell and partner Adam McKay quietly launched their newest contribution to the pool of ever-growing video sites last week, called FunnyorDie.com, which allows users to upload their own comedy videos to the site to be voted on by other viewers. FunnyorDie functions more or less like the other video sites already in existence, except with one key difference: the votes determine whether the videos stay on the main site, where they are categorized, or whether they get banished to “The Crypt.”

Only 244 copies of Genuine Windows Vista sold in China (from /.) – Microsoft spent millions of dollars advertising its next generation OS ‘Windows Vista’ in China, in fact the IT juggernaut threw up the biggest Vista Ad on the 421 meter high Jin Mao tower in Shanghai China. However after 2 weeks (Jan 19 to Feb 2) from launch Microsoft managed to sell a mere 244 copies of Windows Vista. Software piracy is rampant in the middle kingdom and a pirated version of Vista sells for a mere $1 on the streets. The following numbers are quoted by Windows Vista chief distributor in Bejing.

Oh, and I’m supposed to take the ring back, too…Bernd Dressler, who charges 50 euros ($68) to tell people they have been dumped, says he has helped end 200 relationships in the last 11 months.

Russia trains seals for submarine defenceRussian marine biologists are training seals to defend the country’s fleet of nuclear submarines, the Izvestia newspaper reported on Tuesday. Haha! Reminds me of those Warner Bros. cartoons back in the day.

Wisconsin law hinders lewd library caseA law protecting library records’ confidentiality has hamstrung officials pursuing a man who reportedly masturbated among the books at the Neenah Public Library earlier this month. City Attorney James Godlewski said the library can’t turn a surveillance video of the man over to police without a court order.

Elephant dung helps scientists develop new biofuelScientists in the Netherlands have discovered a fungus in elephant dung that will help them break down fibres and wood into biofuel. Bioethanol firms currently extract sugars from crops like grains and sugar beet, but some are developing technologies to extract energy from fibre such as wheat bran, straw or wood.

Semi driver checks on doughnuts, crashesA semi driver whose truck rolled on its side, dumping a load of specialty sunflower seeds, says it happened when he tried to check on a couple of doughnuts. Doughnuts! They’re EVIL!!!

Jack Thompson Blames VaTech on Bill Gates (from Ungsunghero) –

‘Several Korean youths who knew Cho Seung Hui from his high school days said he was a fan of violent video games, particularly Counterstrike, a hugely popular online game published by Microsoft, in which players join terrorism or counterterrorism groups and try to shoot each other using all types of guns.’

Mr. Gates, your company is potentially legally liable the [sic] harm done at Virginia Tech. Your game, a killing simulator, according to the news that used to be in the Post, trained him to enjoy killing and how to kill.

Despite what crazy J.T. claims, Counter Strike (or Half Life) is created by Valve, not Microsoft. However, apparently Microsoft did “publish” the Xbox version. Thompson Targets Microsoft in Latest Crusade (from Ungsunghero) –

Unfortunately, there are at least two glaring issues to be found in Thompson’s latest letter. First, as mentioned earlier, The Washington Post article referenced by Thompson has since been edited to remove any references to Counterstrike and any other video game. Second, while Microsoft did publish the Xbox version of Counterstrike, the game was originally developed by Valve Software, with Vivendi Universal handling the publication of the game on the PC.

WaPo writer talks VT shooter/Counter-Strike connection, removal (from FuzzyWuzzy) – Apparently the mention of Counter Strike was from Washington Post and friends mentioned they saw him playing at a cybercafe. I’m assuming it’s a PC version since most cybercafes do PCs and CounterStrike is really a PC game. Roommates in college said they never recall him playing video games on his computer.

ロボットに変形するNIKEシューズ (from Angelus) – The Japanese there translates to Robot Transforming Nike Shoes. I wonder if you can actually wear these Transformer shoes.
transformer nike shoes

SAVENETRADIO… Please join us! (from Consumerist) – I hope you’ll join us. To add your voice to this movement, please take a minute to sign the PETITION urging your representatives in congress to act at the new website Savenetradio.org. RIAA is going to raise fees, and services such as Pandora won’t be able to survive. Contact your congressmen via the Petition and make them do the right thing.

Food delivery gone bad (from Angelus) – One of the crazy scene from “Resurrection of the little match girl” Edit: Let me explain, this guy came to this company to deliver jajang noodles, the receiptionist answer rudly and told him off as no ones even order takeout while a guy in the background laugh. At the end, he says that he remember his voice from over the phone. The song playing in the background is the English version of SES – Dreams Come True.

Grayson (from RayAlome) – John Fiorella adaptation of DC comics… John Fiorella adaptation of DC comics Robin. Fan made trailer about the death of Batman and the Boy Wonder’s search for the truth. Wow! This trailer/film was amazing! If you didn’t know, Robin’s (from Batman and Robin) real name is Dick Drayson. It’s also been said that Superman protects New York during the day and Batman protect Gotham City (also representative of New York) at night. Superman actually appears in this video, as well as Wonder Woman, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, Cat Woman, etc.

TypingMania 4 (from FuzzyWuzzy) – Remember Typing of the Dead game, where you have to type fast enough for your gun to kill the Zombies. Well, this game is similar where you have to type the romanji or words of these songs. Extremely difficult.

floppy disk on fridge
Floppy Disk on Fridge (from SueOn) – The note says: Hello Dear, I found the disk you were so frantically looking for yesterday.

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