Samsung SGH-t519

So my mom flew up to visit me, bringing along me my new toy: Samsung SGH-t519. From the picture itself, it looks rather bulky. However, if you look at it from the side, it’s actually really thin.

samsung SGH-t519

I haven’t really had much time to play with it. It came with the regular stuff such as manuals, ac charger, car charger, headset, battery, and the actual phone. Fortunately, we didn’t change phone numbers this time and all I had to do was swap the SIM card.

The 1st thing I tried was of course to sync with my contacts in my Outlook contacts list. However, apparently even though this phone supports bluetooth, it doesn’t support synching via bluetooth. It supports headsets, handsfree, serial port, dial up networking, file transfer, and even object push. Just not synchronization. I then hopped onto eBay and purchased a USB Data Cable for less than $5 shipped, which apparently comes with software called PC Sync which supports Outlook and Outlook Express.

For now, there’s only 3 #s in my phone book:

  • Customer Care
  • Voice Mail
  • 411

Which appear to be defaults that T-Mobile has preset.

I was actually contemplating on entering commonly used numbers into my phone manually, when suddenly I remember the SIM cards address book feature. It’s quite limited, but should suffice for this week while I await my data cable to arrive. I copied all the existing phone numbers from my Sony Ericsson T610 onto the SIM and then copied it over onto the phone. Of course with SIM cards, instead of having 1 entry per person, you get 2 or 3 each followed by a /M (mobile), /H (home), or /W (work). And after I transfered all the phone numbers into the phone, I went and tried to delete it from the SIM card. Apparently to copy stuff onto it, you can do so without authentication. To delete from the SIM card requires a password. I tried entering all the combinations which it could be. Turns out the password is 00000000, which I found after searching with the query: forgot sim card password.

For reviews and more description, you can read about it on

I got to play with my phone for a few days. I’ve noticed some interesting things. There’s only 1 port used for both charging and the headset. Holding * locks the keypad. Holding # enables/disables silence mode. When charging my phone, the backlight won’t turn off. Good thing I don’t sleep next to my phone.

There’s even a microSD slot. I’m guessing for storing pictures, music, and video. There was a deal at Office Depot this week: FAR Dane-Elec 1GB microSD Memory Card @ OD B&M. If you’re not familiar with the bargain lingo, FAR = free after rebate, OD = Office Depot, B&M = brick & mortar = retail store (vs online). There’s 2 rebates involved, but I was already willing to shell out a few bucks just got get this memory card. Who can beat free, right?

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