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So after switching over to the Ajaxian theme, I’ve decided to see if tagging support has been added to Gallery (maybe via a plug-in). Well it actually started when Artemyst asked me if Gallery supported tagging or he was going to switch to something like danbooru. I searched and found this thread: [Tags] New Module for Gallery 2.2.

I’ve given it a whirl and it’s rather neat and they’re still adding a bunch of features and stuff. Don’t bother downloading the one attached to the thread. You can download this plug-in right out of your Gallery’s admin panel. From their wiki:

  • login as admin
  • plugins from the left navigation
  • Click the Get More Plugins tab.
  • Click the Show repository list button.
  • Check the Community plugins box; Save
  • Click the update repository list button; click continue.
  • Under the Extra Data section download the the tags module.

This will put 2 new items in the side bar of your admin panel:

  • Tags Management
  • Tags Settings

Tags Management is managing your tags. You can view the list of your tags here, but mostly it’s meant for deleting and renaming your tags. In Tags Settings, you have some more tweaks you could do like limit the number of tags shown, to enable Tag Cloud, etc.

The Tag Cloud is rather cool. You could see mine here: Tag Cloud

I’ve only started tagging new stuff and some random old stuff to test out it’s feature. It’s come a long way I must say. I was playing with v1.0.0 for quite awhile and had many issues. You can read the thread I posted earlier to see what a newb I am.

Things the author said we could look forward to include joining of tags (i.e. And/Or 2 or more tags).

The ability to add tags directly in album view was a really nice addition. Too bad for Ajaxian, the theme disables that block since it squishes all the images together. It’d be nice if the same box was available in photo mode. Bulk edit’s really nice too with the ability, well, to edit 15 items at a time, instead of 1 by 1.

What I really want is to be able to allow anonymous tagging, but sent into a moderation system, and maybe even have a service like Akismet to filter out spam.

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