Kohl’s Care for Kids Plush

I got some new plushies! These were on sale at Kohl’s for $2.50 each, plus all profits are donated to Children’s hospitals: 100% of net profits are donated to designated children’s hospitals across the country. Visit our corporate site to learn more about Kohl’s Cares for Kids.
kohl's cares for kids plush

I got a rhino, a pig, and a dog. They also had a chicken, but that went out of stock before I could get it. They’re extremely soft and bigger than what I thought they would be. Since my sister’s a big fan of piggies, she’s going to get the pig. The rhino’s awfully cute! They’re still on sale at Kohl’s for $2.50, but the 99¢ shipping is no longer available. People over at SD claimed that you might have some luck finding it in-store. The chicken is now back in-stock, but the pig is gone.

Random Crap:

“Try Sperm” Exhorts Vitamin Water Commercial – Someone captured this ad of vitamin waters suggesting you to “try sperm”: vitamin spermwhat’s in the water. I believe they mentioned something about sperm whales, but subliminal message?

vitaminwater - try sperm

Cat with Bow Golf (from Digg) – ねこゆめごるふ (neko yume golf) which translates to cat dream golf. This was actually a rather fun game once I got the hang of it. There’s no need to understand Japanese here. The games pretty simple. There’s 18 holes. You control a cat with a bow. Click on the cat to load next arrow. Pull back to choose power and direction. Your goal is to lead the cat to the bullseye target. Don’t fall off the map. However, your arrows can hit the board, but the cat will start falling immediately after you load your next arrow. The cool thing is you can fire your next arrow mid-air, which is needed in some of these levels. My best score so far is -41, though I did still make some mistakes.

Mod a $5 flashlight into a $95 light (from Digg) – Reader Kip modded a cheap $5 throwaway flashlight into a blinding torch that’s brighter than a $95 fancy pants flashlight. Hit the play button to see how.

Pub told to change tricky bathroom signsConfusing signs on the bathroom doors at McGuire’s Irish Pub have played jokes on customers for years, sending women to the men’s room and vice versa. Check out the actual sign below:
mcguire's irish pub - toilet signs

Dell’s ultra-thin LCD concept with DisplayPort going retail? (from Digg) – Remember that super swanky Dell monitor concept we went ga ga over back at January’s CES? Yeah, we still find it hard to believe it’s a Dell design. Well, it’ll apparently be up for sale later in the year. What’s more, it features the new VESA approved DisplayPort 1.1 interface which allows Dell to keep the panel depth to a crazy thin 0.5-inches. Although DisplayPort is said to support a resolution 4x that of today’s HDTV resolutions, the panel on this pup was only pumping an estimated 1920 x 1200 when we saw it. No specs or price but we expect good things given Dell’s past performance in delivering top-notch displays on the cheap. I agree… I find it hard to believe that Dell actually hires designers.

Meatballs made from human fat, anyone?Last year, Chilean-born artist Marco Evaristti mixed fat removed from his body by liposuction with ground beef to make meatballs, which he fried in olive oil and displayed in a public gallery. This year, he plans to climb Western Europe’s highest mountain, Mont Blanc on the French-Italian border, colour the summit pink and declare it an independent state, with himself as president. Something about this just wants to make me throw up.

soccer field (from Digg) – how does one play on a slanted soccer field with about a 45 degree slope.

Psych meds drove my son crazy (from Digg) – At 17, my son was a funny, odd autistic boy. But a misdiagnosis turned him into a violent, unpredictable man, and drove our family to the brink. Thank god this story had a happy ending. It was a bit painful to read, but I’m happy their kid is returning back to normal.

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