Speaker Stands – Part 2

Now that my speaker stands can stand on their own, I could continue with my setup.

I started building the rest of my speaker stands:
building speaker stands

Next I needed to measure the speaker cables. I got 300′ of 12AWG speaker cable, and 12AWG was definitely over kill for these tiny speakers. However, given the fact that they’ll be about 50ft in length and the potentiality of me upgrading the speakers to better ones later, these cable would be fine.
300 feet spool of 12AWG speaker cable

I later found out that these cable were so thick, it was actually a bit troublesome sticking it into the back of my rear and side speakers.
speaker cable thickness

With the practically infinite amount of speaker cable, I was now able to go around things to keep it hidden from view.
speaker cable around fireplacespeaker cable around fireplacespeaker cable around fireplace

Despite the fact the speaker stands were no longer falling, the fact the center of gravity is closer to the front and the stands were sitting on top of soft carpet, the front legs of the base would dig a bit deeper into the carpet than the back, still causing some tilt. The slightest push will still tip the whole thing over. I was thinking of sticking some flat pieces of wood underneath it to counter the carpet softness. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any flat pieces of wood just lying around. I did find some MSN poker chips I got at the company meeting almost 2 years ago. That gave me an idea.

speaker stand with poker chipsspeaker stand with poker chipsspeaker stand with poker chipsspeaker stand with poker chips

Here’s my final setup.
speaker final setupspeaker final setupspeaker final setup

I thought I did a pretty good job with hiding the cables.
hiding speaker cablehiding speaker cable

The wire you see on the left of the single seater is actually the power cable for my exercise bike, so that’s normal. All the cables are along the wall or hiding beneath/underneath my couch.
speaker cable hiding behind couch

As for MonoPrice, I updated the product manager with the situation and I’ve requested that he remove the incorrect review that I posted, which he seemed more than happy to obliged. The tech support did get back to me. I told him the problem was resolved, besides some tilting. He said he should be able to help me with it and asked about the what type of floor the speaker stands were on and if I could take some photos of it and let him analyze and determine what could be done to make them more stable.

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