Hamster – Love and Friendship

hamster - love and friendship

Informer: SueOn
Source: Nirvana Musing

I just have to say how awesome this picture is. The hamsters are awfully cute and the situation is very sweet. I’m not sure if it’s photoshopped or not, but it would seem quite difficult to pose hamsters. Maybe the flower was added in later.

The original source notes it as “Friendship and love defined in one photo.” However, I’d like to see it as a different way. At first it may seem like the friend hamster is lowering the hamster holding the flowers, but it could be completely opposite where the friend hamster is pulling the hamster away, or how I like to call it as rescuing a friend from the evil female monster. What true friend would allow a buddy to fall into the claws of the devilish opposite gender.

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