Powdered Donuts

So when I was shopping at Safeway today, that box of powdered donuts kept flashing at me telling me to buy it. Of course I succumbed and now I regret the decision. They’re so addictive!!! I’m not talking about the big powdered donuts. I’m talking about the little bite-size powdered sugar baby donuts (or as they called it, donettes). That stuff is like crack! Every time I walk by it, I pop another one in my mouth. They’re so bad for me, yet I always go back for more. Just typing this makes me want to eat another one.

So I was telling Ungsunghero about how addictive they are and he mentions how powdered choco donuts are damn good too. I was like… WO! They make powdered chocolate donuts too!?!?! I’ve been missing out! I was actually contemplating about driving to a 24hr supermarket to see if I can find chocolate powdered donuts. Ungsunghero corrects himself and said he actually meant to say mini chocolate donuts, which I agree are awesome too.

But wow! Why haven’t they made chocolate powder baby donuts! I would so buy that. Just thinking about it makes me drool.

Hostess, are you listening? WE WANT CHOCOLATE POWDERED BABY DONUTS!!!

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