Laundry Magic

Turns out that if I use hot water to wash my clothing instead of just warm water, my cotton t-shirts become REALLY SOFT!!! I had some stains I wanted to get cleaned off a couple articles of clothing, so I decided to use hot water for my batch of white/light-colored clothes instead of the regular warm. I know hot water shrinks your clothes, but given that these clothes have already gone through the washer many times, I don’t really see them shrinking much anymore. Every other step of the laundry was normal, but after the dryer, these shirts were so soft!!!

Speaking of laundry, for some reason, many of my t-shirts during this wash, turned inside out. I don’t think it had to do with hot water, since my dark colored clothing pile also had a few. I don’t think it was when I took it off as I’m usually careful about remember to flip them correctly before dumping them into the laundry basket (since I hate have to extend my laundry chore by having to flip all my clothes back to their regular position).

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