A Series of Unexpected Events

The past 6 blog entries was originally 1 really long blog entry, initially titled “A Series of Unexpected Events.” However, it even got too long for me to read, so I decided to split it up. I mean, all entries were inputed on Sunday night and basically lasted the entire week be editing the post timestamp.

Anyway, given that these entries were written almost a week ago, I do have some updates.

I finally got all my computer hardware that I need to build a new file server. I ended up picking up a new ATI Radeon X600 for $27 shipped (Ungsunghero found it on AnandTech For Sale/Trade). I’ve also ordered some extra RAM as it turns out they were some high quality RAM and at $20 after rebate, it was a really good deal. Since 2 of my hard drives were OEMs, I needed some SATA cables and SATA power adapters which I picked up from Monoprice.

My final configuration will look like this:

  • BIOSTAR TForce TF570SLI motherboard
  • AMD Sempron 64 3000+ CPU
  • HP 2GB (2x1GB) PC5300 DDR2-667 RAM
  • ATI Radeon X600 128MB video card
  • 4x Seagate 500GB 7200.10 SATA hard drives
  • 1x Western Digital 100GB hard drive
  • Sony NEC Optiarc DVD burner
  • Ultra Case
  • Ultra 500W PSU

It’ll probably share the LCD, keyboard and mouse with my existing file server. I might pick up a USB/DVI KVM, but those guys aren’t cheap.

The motherboard already comes with dual gigabit ethernet adapters, so that’ll work out great as a file server. It also has 5.1 surround sound card, though I highly doubt that’ll be utilized at all by the file server.

Ungsunghero and I spoke about laundry after he saw my post a few days ago. One of the topics we hit was bleach. He was saying how bleach makes all his white clothes nice and white. I’m actually afraid to use bleach now. The last time I did, I ended up with 3 or 4 dark colored t-shirts with a bunch of red dots. It’s not because I used bleach on my dark colored clothing, but it had splattered a bit when I was doing the light colored laundry and somehow got onto my other clothes. Plus the fact I have no idea how much bleach I’m suppose to use, I just keep pouring into that little hole in my washing machine until I think it’s about right.

We also reached the topic of laundry detergent. I’ve been a big fan of liquid Tide before, but decided it didn’t really matter much for me. I’ve been using powder Tide for the past few years, the main reason being it lasts more loads than a big jug of liquid detergent. I still haven’t finished the first box I bought from Costco since I moved up here. With liquid detergent, I use up one of those big Costco jugs in less than a year. However, I noticed that Costco has these new super concentrated Tide detergent that I’ve meaning to try. Unfortunately, I bought a new box of Tide from Costco (when it was on sale with coupon) which will probably last me another 2 years. I’m also pretty sure at least 10-15% of my laundry detergent was used up by my mom when she visited in those few short weeks.

One thing I’m very strict about with all my laundry is fabric softener. I MUST use it on every load, because I really like how soft my clothes come out. I actually prefer Snuggles, but since Costco only carries Downy, I’ve been using Downy for the past few years. I’m not sure if Snuggles actually makes my clothes softer, but the cute little soft bear makes it seem so much softer. I guess if I had a kid and felt how soft he/she was, then I might like Downy more.

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  1. Re: Laundry

    Bottles of bleach tend to have how much to put in on the back label. I just keep a cheap plastic liquid measuring cup down with the rest of my laundry supplies. I pick up a small bottle of regular bleach from the grocery store since I only use it on whites. We also pick up the Clorox color-safe bleach at CostCo for the other loads.

    We read a Consumer Report article within the past couple of years that listed liquid laundry detergents by price and efficacy. One of Tide’s products came out on top (I don’t remember which), but a close second was Kirkland Signature’s Free and Clear, which you can pick up at CostCo much more cheaply. I’ve been pretty happy with it since I made the switch, but I used to use All. I also switched to the Kirkland Signature fabric softener more recently, and it seems to work fine.

  2. I ended up picking up a new ATI Radeon X600 for $27 shipped (found it on AnandTech For Sale/Trade).

    I believe I found this, not you 😛

    He was saying how bleach makes all his clothes nice and white.

    I don’t recall saying that bleach made ALL my clothes nice and white…just my whites 😛

    I just keep pouring into that little hole in my washing machine until I think it’s about right.

    Knowing you, I can imagine you using four cups too much 😛

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