New File Server

So during this Paypal/Newegg promotion, I decided to pick up some hardware. I’ve been meaning to build a new file server for some time, but didn’t really have the resource (money and time) to do it. I did have 3 Seagate 500GB 7200.10 Hard Drives sitting around just collecting dust. With the $20 off $100 discount, I saw it as a prime opportunity to pick some stuff out. Newegg not having tax for us Washingtonians was an added bonus.

I ended getting another Seagate 500GB 7200.10 for $80, making it the 4th. That means in my RAID5 array, I’ll have a total of 1.5TB.

I also picked up a mobo+cpu. The main criteria for my new motherboard was that it needed to have 6 SATA ports since I plan on adding additional hdds as I need more. But the 6 SATA ports conflicted with the fact that none of those motherboards came with on-board video, forcing me to now look for a cheap PCI-E video card. I wouldn’t have mind on-board video since a file server doesn’t really need that great of a graphics card. The motherboard I ended picking up was BIOSTAR TForce TF570SLI with a cheap AMD Sempron 64 3000+ Manila 1.6GHz. After the $15 motherboard rebate, this combo would have cost me $85.

I also picked up a stick of HP 1GB PC5300 DDR2 RAM from TechOnWeb for $20AR.

The final thing I need is a cheap PCI-E video card and Ungsunghero’s made a good suggestion of pickup one up from FS/T (for sale/trade) forums. Since I don’t need something need or great, getting a used and cheap PCI-E video card would be the best option.

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