Pineapple, Raspberry & Orange Sherbet

So while browsing through the ice cream aisle today at Safeway, I decided I was going to get a sherbet today. I’ve been longing the flavor of Rainbow Sherbet for quite awhile now, however I was never able to find it in a size that I can consume or a flavor that I like.

So I’m usually turned off by most things (besides milk) that say low fat. I hate low fat cookies. I hate low fat ice cream. I hate diet sodas. Even with milk, I need reduced fat 2%. However at Safeway today, the choice was either a big gallon or 5qt Rainbow Sherbet which I’d probably get sick of before I’m done, or Safeway Select Low Fat Sherbets. Dreyers also had a couple, but they were single fruit flavors and I wanted a mix of fruit flavors. Dreyers were also low-fat.

So I ended up picking up the Safeway Select Pineapple, Raspberry & Orange Sherbet, and to my surprise, it actually tasted really good. They even had tiny pineapple chunks. Accordnig to Edy’s Grand Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream, the description of Rainbow Sherbet is A refreshing mix of orange, pineapple, and raspberry flavors. Those are the exact same fruit flavors as the one I got! Although this ice cream did have a slight rainbow flavor, it felt like something was still missing from it. It could be that I haven’t had Rainbow Sherbet for many years now and have just forgotten what it taste like.

So I was talking to Ungsunghero about this and it turns out that sherbets are just low fat in general, due to the less milk content. I looked at the ice cream carton again and it does say “naturally” low fat. I guess I shouldn’t be afraid of low fat sherbets anymore.

Our conversation got back to Thrifty (now Rite Aid) ice cream and it turns out that Rite Aid sells their own brand of ice cream. My mom used to really like this ice cream that had coconut flavor and pineapple chunks, which I was quite fond of too. I mean those are the main components of piña colada (yes, I knew that before Ungsunghero told me), but I was pretty sure the ice cream flavor wasn’t called piña colada. Ungsunghero says it’s called pineapple coconut and apparently I can purchase it from Rite Aid in a carton from the freezer section. I personally never really buy food from Rite Aid, but with this new knowledge, things may need to change.

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