Seattle Street of Dreams 2007

So every year around the Seattle area, there’s this thing called Seattle Street of Dreams, where 5 or 6 builders build these luxurious houses and showcases them off for a couple months, and then sells it off. These houses are usually over $1 million and according to Derek, one last year went for $6 million. These years houses ranged from $1.7 million to $2 million. Derek thinks that’s because the house market has slowed down and the fact that one or more houses didn’t get sold last year, might’ve made builders a bit scared of building extremely expensive homes.

Derek was talking about secret hidden rooms (like the ones you see in Batman), and it had pool tables and poker tables, and from the outside, you wouldn’t know there was a room there at all. Unfortunately, this year they didn’t have any of that. I think one of the main topics this year was Green and how to make house more environment friendly. I didn’t really see that much environment friendly things. I mean, it doesn’t even have solar panels.

I also got to see Dan’s kid and Matt’s kid. They’re both so cute, yet look like quite a handful. I nudged Derek and ask him when little Dereks will be coming out.

So I took a lot of pictures. You can check out the pictures I took in my photo gallery: Seattle Street of Dreams 2007

Here are few cool ones:
la belle fleurla belle fleur living roomla belle fleur patiola belle fleur 8 person showergreenleaf retreat dining roomgreenleaf retreat patiogreenleaf retreat patio fireplacegreenleaf retreat waterfallgreenleaf retreat living roomgreenleaf retreat media roomgreenleaf retreat snowboard benchcopper fallscopper falls sinkcopper falls game roomtamarack fountaintamarack nooktamarack living roomthe urban lodge nook

I personally like the Greenleaf Retreat the most (House #2). It had a very modern look and the inside look quite grandeur. One thing I realized was that outside patios apparently is a very big thing…

Afterwards, Derek, Shanna and I decided to go get coffee at Starbucks. On our way there, Tekman gives me a call and tells me that he’s in front of my house. I had picked up some Nintendo Wii component cables for Xyon and him at Monoprice, and they were there to pick it up. One problem, I wasn’t at home. They thought about calling me, but didn’t want to wake me up, so decided to just drop by unexpectedly. I had IM Tekman the night before telling him since I was going to be up there, I could just drop off the cables. Apparently that’s no longer his primary screenname. I’ve bumped that screenname down a level and moved his cell screenname to the top. I told him to meet us at Starbucks and with the help of Xyon’s GPS system, they got to us with no problems. We sat around and just chatted for awhile, enjoying the nice day when the forecast had expected rain.

Speaking of not waking me up, I had actually gone to bed at 6:30am the night before, and my alarm clock went off at 9:30am. Didn’t actually make it out of bed till 9:48am and thought I was going to be late. Fortunately, Derek was going to be late also.

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