Silk Trailer Music

I was watching the new trailer for Silk and I found the music near the end to be very beautiful. As you might’ve guessed, I’m very big on scores and soundtrack music. You can watch the trailer at or Yahoo! Movies.

You can read my comments of the trailer on my blog.

This blog entry is to share with you the song that I found to be very amazing. The music isn’t available to be purchase or download yet, so I’ve ripped it from the trailer: Silk Trailer Music.

silk trailer music

According to someone on the IMDb forums, this is an original score for this movie done by Ryuichi Sakamoto (坂本 龍一).

It is believed to be original score for the movie, done by Ryuichi Sakamoto, who contributed music for Babel.

From Wikipedia:

In 2007, the soundtrack album for Silk, the French-Canadian production will be released. Silk tells the story of a married silkworm merchant-turned-smuggler in 19th century France traveling to Japan for his town’s supply of silkworms after a disease wipes out their African supply. During his stay in Japan, he becomes obsessed with the concubine of a local baron.

I tried searching for it on, but wasn’t able to find it. I can’t wait for the soundtrack to be released.

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