Awesome Wedding Proposal

SueOn sent me this blog entry: Sara and I just got engaged! This was a pretty awesome wedding proposal and was really fun to watch. Do check out the video: My Early Muir Owl.

In the beginning of the clip, he tells of the setup:

Sara was told the artist, “Serge Gandaora” was exhibiting new work at a gallery called, 40000, in Chicago.

The piece was called “My early muir owl”.

Little did she know that it was all an elaborate ruse.

Turns there are quite a few anagrams used in this production.

  • Serge Gandaora = George and Sara (or Sara and George)
  • My early muir owl = Will you marry me
  • I tuba fuel = Beautiful

I couldn’t really find “I tuba fuel” in the video. I’m assuming it’s a common anagram and someone in the comments just mentioned it.

It was awesome to see how Sara’s expression slowly changed after looking through the top pane. First she was surprised to see that the weird objects actually formed letters and words. Then it semi-hits and she’s shocked when she realizes the artist wrote the message, “Will you marry me?” . Then when she sees George kneeling on the floor and realizes the artist was George, she becomes super shocked. Then everyone’s happy.

I pointed out that there was a bottom looking pane (which probably saw nothing), but was meant for George to get in position (kneeling) and hold out the ring. Very sweet.

Too bad they didn’t have real live footage of actual revealing, though the pictures did reveal a lot. Then again with these snapshots of freeze in time, it did have a very strong feeling of capturing the moment. Overall, it was a fantastic wedding proposal.

If you enjoyed the soundtrack, the song is actually called Sæglópur by Sigur Rós. You can watch the music video on YouTube: Sigur Ros – Saeglopur. I listened to a couple other songs by them and they’re actually rather nice and soothing.

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  1. hi there

    you know, you’re one of the only people that have ever noticed that I setup the lower window for my pre-knee setup. I only came up with that one on the final day of the build.

    good eye!


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