Fireplace Ghost

While watching episode 425 of Detective Conan (great episode by the way), it reminded me of my fireplace ghost. Episode 425 is actually a 1.5hr special titled Black Impact! The Instant that the Black Organization Reaches. Finally, more screen time for Gin and Vodka and Vermouth. No, those aren’t just alcohol and no I’m not drunk. Those are actually names of members of the “Black Organization”. They all seem to be named after alcohol. They introduced Kir, Korn, and Chianti in this episode, which are all names related to alcohol.

Oh no! I just spoiled myself. Stupid Wikipedia. I was looking up the spelling of the names, and they revealed to me the true identity of Kir, which I’m already suspicious of. Sigh.. Oh well. It all makes sense now! Hiring of the famous detective the day before the assassination, the seemingly unknowing stepping of the gum with the spy cam.

Anyway, back to my story. In the beginning of the episode, Kir hires Mori Kogoro to solve a doorbell prankster. However, whenever she tries to confront the prankster, he’s nowhere to be found. However, it was reveal later it was a little kid trying to remind her to wake up, but that’s not really related to my story.

On the bottom of my fireplace is this little compartment with a bunch of tubes and stuff (no, the internet doesn’t go there). I believe that’s where I’m suppose to turn the pilot on/off, but I haven’t really touched it. For the past year or so, I noticed that the compartment would sometimes be opened. It’s not like the door to the compartment is loose. I’ve never seen it open by itself, but I’ll notice that it’s open usually when I am doing exercise.

I’ve always attributed to the wind, since I’m assuming this fireplace connects to some open area and wind just happens to have pushed into the chimney and blow open the compartment door.

However, I realized a couple weeks back that the culprit was actually something else. It was apparently not a ghost, just like what Kir and Ran initially thought the doorbell prankster was. Apparently it’s my Roomba, my automatic vacuum cleaner. Given that it only runs when I’m at work, that’s why I’ve never seen it happened. I haven’t confirmed it is my Roomba, but I’m pretty sure that’s what it is. The constant pounding on the door should be able to cause it to flop open. It doesn’t happen often, maybe once a month. That’s why I never figured it out till recently.

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