Code Geass vs Death Note

So after recommendations from a couple friends, I began watching Code Geass. I noticed quite a few similarities between the main character in Death Note (Light) and the main character in Code Geass (Lelouche, also known as Lulu).

Code Geass is turning out to be quite an interesting anime and so far I’ve watched 6 episodes in one day. Season 1 titled “Lelouch of the Rebellion” is merely 25 episodes, but there appears to be several .5 episodes stuck in between.

Both stories begin with the main characters obtaining a power beyond this world which allows them to control people. Light obtains the ability to control people by writing the names of the victims and how they die inside this particular notebook. Lelouche can control others by making orders looking directly into the person’s eye.

The downside of Light’s power is the fact by controlling the person, Light has to ultimately send them to their death. The downside of Lelouche’s power is that he appears to only be able to use it once per person.

Both want to change the world and rid this world of scum and corruption. Both see that the end justifies the mean.

Along the power comes a mysterious person or creature. Light has a Shinigami and Lelouche as C.C. I don’t know much about C.C. yet, but she appears to be an experiment or alien of some sort. Both entered a binding contract with their mysterious person/creature.

After obtaining their powers, both tested to see what the limits of their powers are. Light tested it with prisoners, while Lelouche tested it on students in the academy.

There are a few differences.

The Shinigami basically told Light that he wasn’t going to really help him much and was just enjoying the show. C.C. told Lelouche that they are now accomplices.

I was going to say Suzaku was like L, but that’s not clear at this point yet. Suzaku might very well get an order to hunt down Zero (Lelouche’s alias).


I have a feeling since Lelouche’s sister Nannally is blind, she would’ve recognized his voice as Zero from the TV. But that doesn’t appear to be the case yet, or maybe she’s hiding the fact. I also have a feeling that Lelouche will lose his sister for his cause, just like how Light had lost his father.

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  1. Hm, I just read that this series was made by the same director and writer that did Planetes — and that’s a pretty engrish-ified series itself. You’d think they could find a native speaker to sort this stuff out for them.

  2. Maybe. It’s pronounced as Kōdo Giasu in Japanese which has a pretty strict way of enunciation.

    I didn’t know they were also the ones that did Planetes, which was also very awesome.

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