Ever Lost A Day Sleeping?

You ever waking up feeling like you slept through an entire day into the next? That’s what happened to me this past Sunday. I went to bed on Saturday around 5 or 6am. Well, you could technically call that going to bed on Sunday morning. Anyway when I woke up, it felt like I’ve slept for ages, but when I looked at my clock, it was only 3pm. The day was sorta dreary, mostly cloudy. I was thinking to myself… did I sleep through Sunday… no way…

Anyway, I didn’t think much of it. I was planning to go into work that day anyway to finish up some stuff. When I exited my garage, I noticed that someone’s trash can was out. Do note, garbage collection is on Tuesday and so garbage cans usually come out on Monday. I was like WTF…

Then I remembered, it couldn’t have been Monday. I had browsed through the hot deal forums before leaving for work and even remarked there weren’t that many new deals since last night. When I got to Building 40 and having no cars in the garage confirmed that it was indeed Sunday. I could’ve looked at my cell phone, but that didn’t dawn upon me till later. I don’t think I really ever believed it was Monday. Well… maybe for a split second.

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