Ron Paul Has My Vote

After watching many of the recent Ron Paul videos on YouTube, I’ve got to say, I’m actually inclined to vote for him. The 2 democrats that I really like are Dennis Kucinich and Mike Gravel, both who don’t really have a shot as the Democratic presidential candidate. However, I really think that Ron Paul does have a shot as the Republican presidential candidate seeing how bad all the other candidates are. I mean, just look at Rudy Giuliani. *shivers*

Looking at the polls, it looks like either Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama will most likely become the Democratic presidential candidate, neither which I believe is strong enough to repair the damage that Bush has caused. Both of them are such p*ssies, really. I mean before they were running for president, I’d say that they’d have some guts. But now, they’re all so centered on so many of the issues, nothing’s going to change once they get office. I understand they want the votes from the central people, but really, it’s not like all it takes to fix this country is a Democrat. I don’t care if it’s a Democrat or a Republican sitting in that chair. I want someone who can do the job right and without fear of what others think of him (or her).

If it did come down to Hilary Clinton/Barack Obama vs Ron Paul, I’d say Ron Paul has my vote.

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  1. Paul’s my favorite candidate so far as well but I really doubt he’ll do well in the primaries.

    Re: Ralph: That’s what he believes personally, sure, but it doesn’t seem to affect his political positions — he wants abortion and same-sex marriage to become matters for each state to decide individually. Which means they’d probably end up allowed in some places and prohibited in others. The only exception to that was his vote in favor of the federal partial-birth abortion ban. (I’m pretty libertarian, but I have to agree with his decision there.)

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