The Voice of the Undergound Is Fired

Sorry for not posting in awhile. My Black Friday bounty has been coming in and doing all these rebates took a lot more time than I anticipated. Plus the fact I only have a little over 1 week before I go on vacation for the rest of the year, I’ve been trying to wrap up stuff at work.

Anyway, I saw this article a few days ago: London PA voice fired for slamming Tube:

The woman behind the gentle, even voice which warns London’s subway commuters to “Mind the gapwas fired after telling a newspaper she thought the transit network was dreadful.

Emma Clarke has been recording messages for London’s sprawling subway network, popularly known as the Tube, since 1999. In addition to warning passengers to watch their step in walking between subway cars and the platform, she also reads the trains’ stops, tells Londoners how long they have to wait until their next ride, and delivers service updates.

When I first read the article, it reminded me of the Voice of London from V for Vendetta.

Anyway, that’s pretty harsh to fire her just over a honest remark. If I was to be fired for every anti-Microsoft remark I’ve made, I would’ve been fired a long time ago.

I wanted to hear what these spoofs were. The link on the article pointed to her homepage:, but it was down the past few days due to everyone linking to it. It’s back up now, but during that time, I found a mirror of the spoofs here: The Voice of the Underground is silenced.

If you’ve ever ridden the Underground (London subway system), you most definitely will recognize her voice. Here’s a few demos she has up on her page: Voiceover Demos / London Underground.

You can also listen to the Spoof London Underground Announcements:

Somethings to note, I did in fact have a mental image of her and what she looked like and of course she did not turned out exactly the way I’d imagined. I wasn’t exactly disappointed since I’ve gotten used to the face that most Japanese voice over artists aren’t that pretty/handsome, but they’re good at what they do and bring characters to life, I did imagine her to have a skinny face and look sexier. Haha.

Another thing to note is that she pronounced Sudokus like Sudukos, which sort of irked my head.

If those links are down again, mirrors can be found at: The Voice of the Underground is silenced

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