Oakley Whisker Sunglasses

So with the year coming to an end, my optometrist sent me a postcard reminding me to get my yearly eye exam. Since I was leaving in a few weeks, I decided I should get that taken care of since I prefer to get things done here over back in LA. It’s just more convenient for me.

Anyway, I decided that if my eyes didn’t change or change much, I would get prescription sunglasses. I finally got tired of the sun blinding me when I drive.

My eyes turned out fine. There were some small changes, but nothing too big (according to the optometrist):

Last year:

[OD] Sphere: -1.50 / Cylinder: -0.75 / Axis: 156
[OS] Sphere: -1.25 / Cylinder: -1.25 / Axis: 010

This year:

[OD] Sphere: -1.50 / Cylinder: -0.75 / Axis: 165
[OS] Sphere: -1.25 / Cylinder: -1.50 / Axis: 010

The changes have been bolded.

So I decided now would be a good time to get prescription sunglasses. The choice came down to either picking a frames at Costco and getting tinted lens or picking a pair of real sunglasses and getting prescription lens. I decided on the latter as a new toy for myself. I only had a $180 spending limit for my glasses from my health insurance, so I knew I had to pay part of it out of pocket. After comparing the different sunglasses available for 10-15 minutes, I ended up picking the Oakley Whisker. I really like the design, though the $195 price tag sort of scared me.

oakley whisker - black iridium polarized - sunglasses

However, I was even more shocked when I was told the prices for the official Oakley lens. They started at about $150 and those weren’t polarized. The ones I ended up choosing (Black Iridium Polarized) were $255, however the price of the frame dropped to $135. That meant I had to pay $210 out of pocket. I decided, oh well, impulse purchase, go ahead. They said unofficial frames were also available, but I thought what the heck. It’s an impulse purchase, right?

I went to pick it up last Friday and it looks really neat. I’d take some pictures of it, but I’m too lazy to go get the camera.

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