These Past Few Days…

Sorry for not posting for the past few days. Been busing fixing stuff around the house. First I had to fix my stupid computer. It was pretty obvious either the motherboard or cpu was the one causing all the reboots, so I brought home my old motherboard and cpu from my previous computer (which has been upgraded since) and everything’s been flawless since. No random reboots. I did spend half a day reinstalling Windows XP and random software and doing updates.

The next thing I had brought home was a Slingbox and Buffalo WHR-G54S wireless router. My dad had subscribed to Satellite TV and wanted to watch it on other TVs and computers and since our main TV already had a computer, it seemed like the right thing to do.

First I decided to flash it with DD-WRT, but it turns out I can’t use the default flashing tool provided, and had to do it via a TFTP server (instructions). It wasn’t too bad. The reason for the router was to use it as a client bridge so that it can talk wireless to my existing network. I deemed it too much trouble to drag an ethernet cable all the way to the kitchen. Setting it up was pretty simple. I gave it a static IP and increased the Xmit Power to 100mW since it was going to be further away. I set wireless mode to client bridge and set the WPA password and it worked pretty much flawlessly afterwards.

The SlingBox was also quite easy to setup. Hooking it up to the TV and satellite receiver was simple. Then I just ran the setup program and it immediately started working. There’s some voodoo magic going on since it can automatically find it without me providing an IP address. However, I hit a snatch when trying to control it with the IR emitters. Turns out the plug wasn’t inserted snuggly so it wasn’t really emitting anything while I was trying all the different remote codes.

The classic SlingBox which I got supported BOTH cable TV antenna and composite (RCA) inputs. However, in the newer SlingBoxes, I’ve noticed that they’ve split the cable TV one into its own product and the composite one into its own product. Maybe they have higher quality but it would suck if I had to switch to the other.

Finally it came to my PAP2… actually, I’ll save that for tomorrow.

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