Happy New Year

Just wanted to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I’m not much of a resolutions type of guy, so I never make resolutions for the next year. It’s probably because if it’s important enough, I’ll do it w/o even making a resolution. If not, I’d end up giving up anyway. So there really isn’t any point.

Since Xyon posted his 2007 ventures, here’s a look back at my 2007:

  • Noticed I was getting fat
  • Got into cardio exercising (exercise bike + elliptical)
  • Got into strength building (Ungsunghero being my advisor)
  • Started on my HD-Trailers.net project
  • Built my home theater setup
  • Built my new File Server (I know I still owe you a blog post on that – since I’ve gotten my 6th and last hard drive, it’s planned to be written after I install it)
  • Hurt my wrist and had to wear a splint for about a month
  • Discovered M&M Dark Chocolate
  • Found Mexi-Coke
  • Found a giant hole in one of my tooth
  • Got my first speeding ticket
  • Got my first speeding ticket nullified
  • Discovered Rainbow Sherbert ice cream had a different name: Pineapple, Raspberry & Orange Sherbet
  • Had my first flat tire
  • Dressed up for Halloween for the 1st time since… elementary school?
  • Read a book voluntarily for the 1st time since… elementary school?

My mail got delivered in a big chunk today and it took an hour going through all the mail. At least 1/5 of it was rebates. I got a total of a 14 rebate checks, totaling a sum of $525. That was nice.

Also got this Maker’s Mark gift (I had signed up for some freebie thing back in college, and they continue to send me neat things every year). This time, it was a wax seal stamp:
maker's mark wax seal stampmaker's mark wax seal stampmaker's mark wax seal stamp

I wonder if this wax will work with my ink stamp.

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