Relaying Salutations

A month ago when Liam came to Seattle, he told me to say hi to Cari for him when I went back to LA. I believe I actually did relay this message, but it got me thinking to how often do I actually relay salutations. I would have to say only once in a blue moon. I recall people telling me to say hi to my parents when I go back or friends telling me to tell other friends, but usually, it just never kicks in when I actually meet the person.

I’m curious how other people fare. What % of the time do you actually relay salutations, either from relatives or friends or anyone. I would say my percentage is probably less than 5%. It’s probably much lower since I can’t really recall all the times I’ve had people ask me to relay salutations.


After talking to RayAlome, I think several other factors come into play. For time being, person asking me to relay will be called Origin and the person I’m suppose to relay to will be called Destination.

  • How far away is Origin from Destination?
  • How long has it been since they’ve seen each other?
  • How well do I know Origin?
  • How well do I know Destination?
  • How well do I think Origin knows Destination?
  • How many of these requests do I actually get?
  • How long has it been since Origin made his request and I actually meeting Destination?

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