The Boondocks – Guns and Violence

Thanks to RayAlome for sharing this comic strip with me:

the boondocks - guns and violence Huey – I don’t get this whole thing with video games.
Riley – What, you mean why you keep losing?
Huey – No. Everyone is worried about kids and violence, right? And kids using guns … So why don’t they go after the gun manufacturers and gun dealers instead of people who make video games. It doesn’t make sense.
Riley – Sure it does. Pretend you’re some stupid parent activist person … Who would YOU rather start beef with – some nerd who makes video games or some dude with a warehouse full of AK-47s?
Huey – You know … I’m actually MUCH more impressed by that point than I care to admit.
Riley – Of course. I’m deep. Just don’t tell nobody.

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