Cute Cat Animation – Sequel

Thanks to Hjo3 for telling me a new cat animation is available:

Hey, BTW, a sequel was just posted yesterday.

Simon’s Cat ‘Let Me In!’
Simon's Cat 'Let Me In!'

A hungry cat resorts to increasingly desperate measures to get indoors.

If you miss the original cat animation, check it out here: Cute Cat Animation

I also wanted to point out the fact that if you append &fmt=18 to the back of a YouTube URL, you’ll get higher quality video. According to RayAlome, the 2 settings for the fmt tag are &fmt=6 and &fmt=18, increasing the quality and resolution. You can find out more information about these flags at: Higher Resolution Videos on YouTube and YouTube Tests Higher Resolution Videos.

Video Resolution: 320×240
Audio Sample Rate: 22050 Hz

Video Resolution: 448×336 (higher encoding)
Audio Sample Rate: 44100 Hz

Video/Audio Format: MP4 (H264 with AAC audio)
Video Resolution: 480×360

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