New Bedroom Set

Earlier today, I got a Costco newsletter showing me this bedroom set: Carolina Bedroom Collection for $1699.99. It was really pretty:

carolina bedroom collectioncarolina bedroom collectioncarolina bedroom collectioncarolina bedroom collectioncarolina bedroom collection

Though the $1700 price tag was hard to swallow and it didn’t even include the mattress. What finally help make up my mind was the fact that it would be delivered in approximately 4-6 weeks. My mom, sister, and grandma were coming up to visit in 2 weeks and yah… I don’t have enough beds.

So after work today, I drove to Costco Home and took the dive and purchased the Modus Furniture 5PC Queen Bedroom Set Nouveau II and PosturePedic Sterlingshire Firm Queen Set I had mentioned earlier. The total came to $2,121.35 after tax + delivery/assembly. The process was simple and the thing I like about purchasing stuff at Costco is that there’s no salesman pressure. My initial calculation was a bit off. I was told delivery/assembly was $129 for first piece + $19 for each additional piece and that the 5 piece bedroom set counted as 5 separate pieces. Turns out I think the person I initially asked was confused and thought I was purchasing 5 separate pieces. Apparently if you buy the entire set, it counts as 1 piece. So after this purchase, I have a little over $100 remaining from my tax refund.

Delivery is set for next week, so with plenty of time to spare. I’ll take pictures when it’s all set up and pretty.

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  1. don’t buy this set or if you do make sure to run your hand along the insides of the drawer carefully as their are many nail ends sticking out to rip your hands and clothing ………just got my set today it is junk

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