Blocked by Akismet?

So for the past few weeks, I noticed my comments on friends’ blogs were caught by Akismet. At first I thought maybe it was due to some links that I had included in the post, but when it got to 6 out of 6 comments blocked, I started to think it was something else.

I asked Hjo3 if I could try out posting random comments on his blog to figure out what the problem was and he gave me the OK.

After submitting about 6 or 7 comments interchanging what my name, email, and website were, I found out that whenever I use my ***** email or claim my website to be, Akismet would block that comment. Others would go through fine.

So I went to Akismet’s Contact Form and submitted this email:

I noticed Akismet has been blocking my comments on the blogs I frequent and after testing it out on my friends blog, it appears you don’t like it when I have ***** as my email or when I use as my website.

I was wondering why Akismet is blocking my domain…

Thank you.


Today, I got a reply:


Sorry for the trouble – your comments should now be good.


Woot! Haven’t had a chance to test it yet, but friends beware, my spamming capability is back! And this time, Akismet won’t be able to protect you. MUWAHAHAHAHA!

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