Deep Fried Pot Stickers

So after enjoying my 1st deep frying experience, I’ve been itching to use it again. However, my fridge is lacking in things I could deep fry. Ungsunghero has recommended that I DO NOT deep fry eggs. I’ll heed his advice for now, but I’m interested in see what the outcome is.

Anyway, he’s suggested a bunch of things such as cream cheese wontons, breaded chicken breast chunks, breaded vegetables, spring rolls, etc. I said those seemed like a lot of work. He said then I should just do the whole chicken breast. Haha. The topic of deep fried Twinkies and deep fried Snickers also came up. I actually had a deep fried Twinkie in Las Vegas. It was pretty good, though for those that know me, I have a sweet tooth that can’t be satisfied. You’ve probably heard me say there’s no such thing as “too sweet”. I also asked Ungsunghero about deep fried tofu (mmmmm 揚げ出し豆腐 Agedashi Tofu), but he said those were messy.

Anyway, I recalled I had deep fried gyozas at Sushiland and they were pretty good, so I asked him about deep fried pot stickers and he said those are amazing. I had a big bag of Ling Ling’s Pot Stickers, but unfortunately they didn’t have instructions for deep frying, just pan frying. Ungsunghero says as long as the outside turns golden brown, it should mean its ready.

I didn’t want to over fry the outside and not have the inner get hot enough, so I tried frying at 325°F for 5-6 minutes, which the outside had started to turn a golden brown. Tried one and it wasn’t as good as I expected. Ling Ling’s Pot Stickers skin is a bit too thick to be deep fried, but it was still pretty good. Next time I’ll pick up some pot stickers or dumplings with a thinner skin.

Deep Fried Pot StickersDeep Fried Pot Stickers + Dinner
(from Food album)

Hmmmm, I think I may have eaten too much fried food lately as my throat is starting to feel dry and irritated.

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