Guitar Stand (Rock Band Dork)

So there was a sale on guitar stands last week and I contemplated on getting one for my Rock Band/Guitar Hero III guitars. People on the thread were saying the guitar stands work fine for Rock Band guitars. I told Ungsunghero about my plan and he said he would start calling me “Rock Band Nerd Dork“.

The double guitar stand they were selling ($14 shipped) was out of stock, so I contemplated about getting 2 of the single guitar stands (also $14 shipped). However I thought too long and those sold out before I could purchase them. The only thing left was the triple guitar stand ($20 shipped), so I decided since I do technically have 3 guitars, that’ll work out. I originally had 1 Guitar Hero III wireless guitar and 1 Rock Band wired guitar, but Ungsunghero had gifted me an additional wireless guitar since I had told him I was thinking of getting another wireless one.

I got the stands on Saturday morning and putting them together was rather simple. It was a bit flimsy, but seems to do fine. For $20, I can’t really complain.

Triple Guitar StandTriple Guitar Stand + Guitar Hero III Wireless GuitarsTriple Guitar Stand + Guitar Hero III Wireless Guitars + Rock Band GuitarTriple Guitar Stand + Guitar Hero III Wireless Guitars + Rock Band Guitar
(from Rock Band album)

I haven’t figured where exactly I want to put it, but I’m planning or changing the layout of my living room anyway.

UPDATE: Ungsunghero corrected me and said it should’ve been Rock Band Dork and not Rock Band Nerd.

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