Project Wonderful

You may have noticed that I have rearranged my ads once again. I test drove Project Wonderful on and had great results so far. I’m pleased with the system and just how simple it works. At first I wasn’t clear on what “bids” actually meant, but apparently bids are the amount they’re willing to pay for the entire day of showing their ad. So if someone bids $0.24 and the ad is displayed on your site for an hour, you’ll get $0.01 minus the commission. Once you hit $10, you can withdraw to your PayPal account, or you can immediately use the funds to place ads on other sites.

The selection of sites they have is still pretty limited and I don’t want to bother going over the things I went over already on Project Wonderful.

AdBrite’s system just didn’t work that well as I was just getting random ads. Text Link Ads was pretty awesome while it lasted, but they have a black box approval process which I don’t quite understand and for some reason still hasn’t been approved yet. And when people stopped purchasing ads on my site, I had an empty area for months, at which point I decided to return to AdBrite since they added a new text-only ad feature.

The Gallery has also been updated to use Project Wonderful.

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