TV Speaker as Center Speaker

Just a little rant I have. I always thought TV speakers were a waste once you switch to a speaker system (receiver + surround sound). Awhile back (yes this entry has been queued for some time), I thought to myself, why not allow the TV speakers have 2 modes: stand-alone or center.

First of all, TV speakers are typically quite decent. They’re not superb, but they’re typically not low quality stuff either as TV manufacturers want to entice you to purchase the TV.

And if you’re in the market to purchase a speaker system piece by piece, it’d be sweet to be able to use the TV speakers as the center as they’re already situated in the correct positions. That way, TV speakers just don’t become useless add-ons that will never used again.

Unfortunately, hardly any TV manufacturers enable this scenario as I’ve only seen a handful of TVs that support using their speaker as a center speaker. I doubt it cost that much more to enable this feature. Sigh…

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