Mix Up at Birth

So I was reading this article: Twin, separated at birth, sues for mix-up a few days ago and thought to myself, if I found out my child was mixed up at the maternity ward a few years down the road, what would I do? Would I exchange the kids and get my real child back? Or would I keep the existing one since I’ve already developed a bond with him/her?

These stores aren’t that uncommon either as I’ve been seeing more and more of them.

Personally, I think I’d keep the child I already have, but there’s still something about screwed up about the situation. Not only will this knowledge bother you for the rest of your life, you’ll probably have recurring feeling of wanting to know how your real child is doing. And I’m not saying that you can’t love this child as much as your own, but it’ll definitely change things.

I also think it depends on how long I’ve had the child. If it’s been only 3-6 months, I might actually consider swapping back.

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