So Derek introduced me to a new term today (which apparently originates from Seattle): Junuary

As Urban Dictionary defines it: A sarcastic reference to an extremely cold summer day.

The top 3 search results for Junuary are:

The fact that it actually makes sense makes it less funny. For the past few weeks, the sun has popped out only a few times, and we’ve been having high winds, cold weather, lots of rain, and even SNOW! Can you believe it? Snow in June? What’s next, Christmas in July? I was hearing on the radio the other day that it was snowing in the Snoqualmie pass and then Hjo3 blogs about snowing in Pullman.

Then I hear that we’ve hit our record low temperature ever recorded for this particular time of the year. Where’s my 5 months of guaranteed sunshine!?!?

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  1. The weather lately has been crazy. I’m in the Columbia Basin now though and it’s way nicer. The day it snowed in Pullman it was 63 F here. And right now it’s 78 F. Very nice.

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