Shure Earbud Sleeves

I got my Shure E4c-n earphones awhile back and have always used the soft flex sleeves. I haven’t really ever tried the other ones since the soft flex sleeves were comfortable.

However this past trip home, the sleeve must’ve slipped off somewhere between check-in and when I sat down in my seat on the plane. The retail package came with a bunch of different ones, but only a pair for each type, though each type does have a S(mall), M(edium), and L(arge). I recalled that medium was a bit too big for my ears. So on my flight home, I only got mono for the satellite TV feed.

Anyway when I got home, I started digging through my storage and found my Shure retail box. I tried out the foams which TekMan said he preferred, but never really got it to stick into my ear snuggly.

I then gave the clear flex sleeves a try. The difference between these and the charcoal ones I was using before is that the charcoal ones are softer and I guess just a bit more comfortable.

Anyway the small clear flex ones were a nice fit and they had one additional benefit. The earphones were no longer slipping out of my ear. I don’t recall if the charcoal soft flex ones slipped when I first got them, but recently they wouldn’t stay in my ear hole for longer than a few minutes without me pushing it back in. I tried to loop the earphone wires so it goes over my ears, but that only helped in some cases.

I’m just happy these new sleeves are no longer slipping. 🙂

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