VG Cats Sketch – SO CUTE!

So while I was working late tonight (till about 4am), I got bored easily and often needed to find things to distract me. I ended up on VG Cats site and saw this post: Professionals have standards.

Inside they featured a sketch drawn by Ian (artist of Three Panel Soul):

Ian McConville VG Cats

Three Panel Soul is a new webcomic I’ve been reading, though it’s been a hit or miss for me. Updates are pretty infrequent (sort of like VG Cats) and the jokes are a hit or miss. I do love their drawing style as everyone looks cute. I was introduced to TPS by Angel when I mentioned I missed Mac Hall (another webcomic by Ian) and she told me he’s drawing for a new one.

Aeris and Leo are just too adorable in the sketch!!! They are like in their chibi baby form! So cute! I wish I could hug and squeeze them!

They made wallpapers of it and I immediately made that the new desktop background for my laptop:

Speaking of cute, I recently purchased my first Woot Shirt. Some of you may have probably seen me wear it already: It’s Going Out Faster Than It’s Coming In:

It's Going Out Faster Than It's Coming In It's Going Out Faster Than It's Coming In

The t-shirt was definitely cute and only cost $10 when it was first posted. I like the little turtle and rabbit origami made from dollar bills.

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