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So it’s been awhile since I posted new music that I’ve started listening to. Recently, I’ve become much more interested in alternative music and have been listening to 107.7 The End a lot more. I never did really understand what the alternative genre encompasses. Is it just any song that doesn’t fit under any category? But typically punk rock and similar music gets place into this genre.

Ah… I just looked it up on Wikipedia (Alternative rock):

Alternative rock (also called alternative music, alt-rock or simply alternative; known primarily in the UK as indie) is a genre of rock music that emerged in the 1980s and became widely popular in the 1990s. The term “alternative” was coined in the 1980s to describe punk rock-inspired bands on independent record labels that did not fit into the mainstream genres of the time. As a musical genre, alternative rock consists of various subgenres that have emerged from the independent music scene since the 1980s, such as grunge, Britpop, gothic rock, and indie pop. These genres are unified by their collective debt to the style and/or ethos of punk, which laid the groundwork for alternative music in the 1970s.

Before when people asked me what music I enjoy, my usual reply would be any music besides rap and country. But now I think the top of my list would include soundtrack, trance, and alternative in no particular order.

Anyway, here’s my new list of songs I enjoy:

As mentioned earlier, most of these songs I got from 107.7 The End. In fact, I had browse through their playlist and looked up the songs on YouTube to figure out the ones that I liked.

There are a few ones that I discovered through different means.

Scars On Broadway – They Say was a free song of the week on iTunes a week or 2 back.

I actually first heard Smashing Pumpkins – The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning on the new Watchmen movie trailer and like Lsiymle, I’ve played the trailer over and over again listening to that song. The main chorus/melody part is just pure awesome.

I’ve actually heard of Red Hot Chili Peppers – Snow (Hey Oh) a long time back, but while browsing iTunes and I somehow landed on Red Hot Chili Peppers page and looking at their top downloaded songs, I discovered Snow. Given that I still have $10+ of iTunes credit, I decided to get it.

The Ting Tings – Shut Up and Let Me Go was actually introduced to me by RayAlome.

Finally, Linkin Park – Hands Held High was a Digg article. Linkin Park music is usually a hit or miss for me. Some are just very repetitive, while others I really dig the beat. This one was actually social commentary done in slow rap. Similar to Flobots – Handlebars, the message was heartfelt.

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  1. Smashing Pumpkins – The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning is actually also on the Batman and Robin soundtrack (the one w/ george clooney and chris o’donnell). on that soundtrack, there is another version, The End Is the Beginning Is the End. the latter is this weird, slower version of the former. i like both versions. the slower one makes me feel all twisted inside. haha šŸ˜€

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