Don’t Vote

Got this video off Digg: Don’t Vote (5 Friends Uncensored)

It features a bunch of Hollywood stars telling you not to vote if you don’t care about any of the issues (some reverse psychology thing). They ended up telling you to vote, but there were some funny parts in between.

They even teamed up with Google and provided a nice helpful site: 2008 US Voter Info

Registration closes as early as Oct. 4th.

I mean even Xbox/Microsoft is teaming up with Rock the Vote to convince people to vote, especially the younger generation which is nonchalant about voting and don’t really believe their vote has much power if any at all. I mean, the whole election process could be rigged, right?

But the matter of fact is, if you’re too lazy to even register to vote, coming up with any reasons is just a way of justifying to yourself why you’re not voting this November.

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